Five 5-Star Movies

Below are five movies I gave 5 stars to on Netflix listed in no particular order. Watch at your own risk.

All of the movies below are available via streaming and discs on Netflix. Some may be hard to find in your local Blockbuster.

  1. The Cove – A documentary about a group that decides to shine some light on Japan’s harvesting of 23,000 dolphins a year for meat. Crazy fact: Dolphins, being high in the food chain, have a ton of mercury in their flesh. Japan planned to feed this meat in school lunches. Good idea? Not so much.
  2. Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations Collection 2, Quebec Episode – Learning about foie gras and watching Bourdain visit an Inuit family to hunt and eat a raw seal was pretty amazing.
  3. 30 Days, Season 3, Working in a Coal Mine Episode – I’m not the biggest greenie in the world. Being more energy efficient is generally an economic decision for me. However, this show reinforced to me that I’ve made the right decision by switching to wind power from Xcel Energy. I’m not interested in contributing to the slow painful deaths of my fellow Americans when I flip on my light switches.
  4. Casino Jack and the United States of Money – I knew that Jack Abramoff was a criminal, but I didn’t understand the extent of his corruption before this film. He screwed over many powerless people for profit, including Native American tribes and indentures servants in the Northern Mariana Islands. Minnesota angle: Target Corporation was among the companies that benefited from the sweatshop environment Jack Abramoff helped foster in the South Pacific.

    ILO violation 87 98 : “shadow contracts” waiving basic human rights, including the freedom to join unions, attend religious services, quit or marry, blocked exits, movements strictly supervised by guards, workers subject to lockdowns or curfews.
    ILO violation 1 : up to 12-hour days, seven days a week.

  5. All in This Tea – Documentary following tea importer, David Lee Hoffman, on his trips around China in search of the best tea in the world. Hoffman runs into a ton of issues in a country that’s great at mass produced cheap stuff, but hasn’t figured out how to sell artisan, handcrafted products yet.

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  1. I just watched that episode of Anthony Bourdain on Sunday and have been wanting to visit Martin Picard’s restaurant since.

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