Update on Ryan Lyk’s Duluth News Tribune Copyright Infringement

Back on Jan 15th, I accused Ryan Lyk of stealing a copyrighted photo from the Duluth News Tribune for use as a stock photo in a blog post he wrote. Ryan quickly removed the photo from that post.

At that time, I also checked in with the Duluth News Tribune to verify whether they were cool Ryan Lyk stealing their photos or now. Frankly, if they WERE cool with it, I might want to get in the game of using their photojournalist’s work as stock photography too. So I sent them Duluth News Tribune an email:

I have a question about the use of photos published on your website.
An example can be found here [Ed. Lyk removed the image.].

In this case, the blogger used a photo he took from your website, and cited your publication as his source with the citation “Photo courtesy of Duluth New Tribune”.

My question is, are you cool with that? It seems like he took your photo, published it on his site (not a personal site), mentioned where he got it from, but didn’t even bother to link to the story or your site?

If you’re cool with that, let me know. I may be interested in taking advantage of that policy as well.

An editor from the Duluth News Tribune kindly responded to my question with the following comment:

Anyone who wants to use a photo or story from us must request permission. Typically permissions go through me; however, this person could have asked our editor for permission. I can check with my editor to determine if we had agreed to its usage. We are NOT “cool” if the blogger took the image from our site without permission.

Not surprisingly, the newspaper did not endorse the use of their hard work being used as stock photography without permission.

Did Ryan Lyk ask for permission? I think his retraction of the photo speaks for itself.

11 thoughts on “Update on Ryan Lyk’s Duluth News Tribune Copyright Infringement”

  1. Time to remove your RSS feed again. Let me know when your content stops being boring, trollish and repetitive. 🙂

  2. Don’t you have better things you could do with your time other than go after a conservative college student blogger? Are you going to highlight all of the copyright infringements made by lefty bloggers who just clicked :”save as” on a newspaper sight’s picture. Because you cannot make any rational arguments against Lyk’s posts and conservative thoughts, you must detract from the real issues. What this really does is show what a petty person you are. It also shows that you have way way too much time on your hands. Perhaps you could better use that time to volunteer for one of the many social causes you support. The world would be alot better place if you stopped preaching to the rest of us about how we should spend our time and perhaps looked in the mirror about how you choose to spend yours in hate against a youthful person.

  3. Bill, if the content here is so boring and repetitive to you, why do you always feel the need to comment on it?

  4. @Laura, are you trying to justify Ryan Lyk’s copyright infringing behavior by arguing that others do it too? Could you clarify that statement?

    I haven’t attacked Ryan’s “conservative thoughts” very often, since such a large percentage of his posts to date on MDE haven’t been his “conservative thoughts” but simply press release regurgitations. Or, was that a trick question. Are you suggesting that Ryan Lyk’s “conservative thoughts” are whatever comes down from above in the form of press releases? If so, well played.

    Petty? Too much time on my hands? Why not just call me a blogger while you’re at it?

    I’m not picking on an adult college student for what he writes in class. This may be a bit nuanced, but I’m not actually picking on him. I’m picking on the goofy and sloppy stuff that I see on Minnesota Democrats Exposed, where Ryan Lyk chooses to write a portion of the goofy and sloppy stuff. Giving Lyk a free pass because he’s in college would be unfair to Lyk, who’s choosing to play an adult game on an adult website. At least, I assume that he would like his opinions treated as adult opinions rather than dismissed as childish based on what he chooses to write about and where he chooses to publish his writing (and stolen photos).

    Just look at the inconsistencies within your own comment. You’re both telling me to take his “conservative thoughts” seriously, while scolding me for doing just that.

    Sure, Ryan does have a knack for acting childish, but that trait is not limited to young folks. Heck, look at Tony “we won’t get rolled again” Sutton for an example of an adult that acts childish.

    To be clear: I don’t hate Ryan. I’m not a hateful person. But I do have a strong dislike of poorly constructed attack blog posts like the ones I see penned or plagiarized by Ryan at Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

    If you feel that I’m attacking Ryan Lyk, the person, rather than Ryan Lyk’s goofy and sloppy arguments at Minnesota Democrats Exposed, I’d encourage you to give what I’ve written another look.

  5. As a regular reader of “The Deets” blog I can testify that there is an audience for the blogposts about “Minnesota Democrats Exposed”. I am a member of said audience.

    Don’t like these posts? Don’t read them (Truth be told I skip over most of the TP folding posts).

    I’m not a fan of Fox News or “The Power Line” but you won’t find me reading much less commenting on their websites.

    If you want Ed to move on, lame posts are not likely to discourage him (just ask Yellow Book Incorporated).

    But if you do comment, be prepared for loyal responses from “TheDeets” Nation.

    The Deets is our version of Radio Free Europe and the days of the Vichy regime are numbered.

  6. @Laura: Did you read Ed’s post about KIVA micro-finance loans?

    Does that qualify as supporting a cause?

  7. @Matt, you raise a good point. Political topics can be polarizing. Since this is my blog, where I write what I want, I’m fine with that. Although, you may see a post on how to filter by category coming later this week. I’m not shoving anything down anyone’s throat. The web is a big place. Ignoring stuff is occasionally easier than trying to change someone’s mind.

  8. By the way, it is worth noting that Ryan Lyk and Andy Post did not defend themselves when I accused them of stealing copyrighted photos. You’d think that they’d want to clear their names of an accusation like that. They have not.

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