A Plea to Andy Post of Minnesota Democrats Exposed

Andy, in the wake of yesterday’s tragic shooting of US Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, you wrote a post titled: “AN UNTHINKABLE ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY”.

I have to ask you: Was it really that unthinkable?

We’re living in a time when heated political rhetoric is often laced with violence. A person running for national office have plotted cross hairs on a map of districts of congresspeople who had the gall to support health care legislation.

Here are some local examples of political behavior that has gone way too far:

Rep. Betty McCollum, for one, received a death threat in October after an eight-year-old video surfaced where she omitted the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

McCollum, Keith Ellison, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken each received a vile letter in March 2010, just after the health care bill’s passage, along with tatters of an American flag soaked in gasoline and feces.

Have you forgotten about the anthrax laced letters sent to members of congress?

Andy, if you thought that the attempted assassination of a congressperson was unthinkable, you weren’t thinking.

Which may explain why you continue to enable politically dangerous rhetoric by hosting it on Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

Andy Post Approved Comment on Minnesota Democrats Exposed

Andy, why do you allow your people to call for the death of millions of Minnesotans due to their political affiliation? Dude, seriously, your comments have gotten even worse than the StarTribune.com’s, which is saying a lot.

Why has this happened?

You, Andy, have given hateful anonymous commenters a venue to spew their hate.

Andy, what good can possibly come from hosting threats of violence against political opponents by anonymous commenters? Is that really the type of community you want to foster? It seems like you’re capable of being so much better than this.

Running a respectable blog that’s respected by respectable people shouldn’t be unthinkable.

It can be done.

You can do it.

Oh, and one other thing: Could you please confirm that neither you nor Ryan Lyk is “sotaman”? I certainly hope that that’s not the case, but, for now, it’s one theory I have explaining why don’t moderate comments by that anonymous commenter.

Update: 1:55pm: The comment I used as an example of the hate Post hosts at MDE has been quietly removed, without explanation, from MDE. I get the impression that Post doesn’t want to offend his truly offensive commenters. A micro-step toward respectability.

3 thoughts on “A Plea to Andy Post of Minnesota Democrats Exposed”

  1. Brodkorb’s Blog has always been a vile cesspool.

    I’m actually amazed that the comment was taken down. Here’s one that wasn’t, from back in the day when Brodkorb ran posts under his own name:

    5. quicksand Says:
    February 2nd, 2009 at 12:04 AM

    Great Video! You know its good when the first responses are from the not-so-ambiguoulsy gay trio.

    The down side is we have to look at and listen to Esmeralda Murphy. What an ugly c*nt.


    What is that they always say, over at Brodkorb’s blog?


    “Stay classy” isn’t it?

  2. First, I came across this posting, which is a dose of perspective for us to consider regarding this topic–

    Then, after some consideration, we need to decide if this is the kind of state we want to live in. I don’t. And I think that is where The Deets is coming from in his MDE postings, that he wants the GOP to get beyond all this negative ‘MN Dems Exposed’ mentality…because it is part of the problem, and not only is it not the solution, but it is preventing the open adult, non-idealogical, bipartisan discussions needed to reach any progress toward solutions.

    We need to begin an Era Beyond Cynicism (and Fear and certainly Violence).

    Yes, we the people have screwed up. Yes, we have allowed business, civic/celebrity, and political leaders to lead us into this ditch of thuggishness and disrespect.

    And yes, we too have let ourselves be prone to our own weak tendencies of sloth and intolerance, to allow ourselves to become un-empowered outside of our ‘gang.’ Thus powerless even in our own community; and in our powerlessness we have become cynical and bitter. We have become partisans, attaching ourselves to vague ideologies, and too to dysfunctional political and religious leaders; idolators, who in their narrow-mindedness, we have chosen this culture rampant to poison the waters of our whole community, state, country and world.

    As a country and as human beings, we have regressed in our behaviors to dwell in our lowest common denominator tendencies.

    We need to change, from the bottom up, it is us who need to raise our consciousness and write a new future that we can live with in this world and be proud to leave behind to our children. But it is us who must change, in our words, actions, and deeds we must BE the community we want to live in. A whole community, and not just our little niche we think we own and control in our work place or neighborhood.

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