Team Deets Kiva Update

Team Deets is off to an excellent start on Kiva.

Eleven early adopters are on board, and $200 in new loans were issued in the first 24 hours of Team Deets’ existence with the most recent loans going to entrepreneurs in Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, and Uganda.

The beauty of that is the money, once in the system, tends to be topped off as it accrues in lenders’ accounts. For example, you may receive a notice that you’ve had $19 of $25 repaid on a loan. In cases like that, why not chip in another $6 to get another loan issued?

Join the party. Sign up at Kiva, make your first loan, then let me know. I’ll send you a $25 Kiva gift card for your second loan.

One thought on “Team Deets Kiva Update”

  1. I’ve been thinking about lending money through KIVA for a while. It’s such a great micro lending concept that does so much good for the people who benefit from the loans.

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