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When Kirk, comes up with a suggestion, it’s often worth paying attention to.

For example, he inspired the creation of Now, he’s suggested creating Team Deets on Kiva where people like you can work together with me to finance loans to entrepreneurs around the world.

Here is a reminder of what Kiva is all about.

Kiva does a great job reporting your lending performance, including the impact of inviting new lenders. Here is a look at what I’ve done to date:

My Stats

Above average by all measures. Very Lake Wobegon of me.

Let’s work together to turn this up a notch.

First, if you’re already a Kiva user, join Team Deets!

If you’re not already using Kiva, here’s a deal for you: If you click here to join, and make your first loan, I’ll send you a $25 Kiva gift card that you can use toward your second loan. I’ll match the first loan of the first 10 new people to join Kiva.

It takes around 4 minutes to get started. I think you’ll find the service interesting and rewarding, so go for it.

Email me or comment here once you’re on board. Enough talk. Get on it.

6 thoughts on “Join Team Deets on Kiva”

  1. I just did my first loan a couple months ago on Kiva. I’ve now joined Team Deets and did another. Go TEAM Go!

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