The Deets’ Top-10 Posts Read by Minnesotans

Looking through the most popular posts on The Deets for 2010, I see that some things I wrote about Craigslist and Comcast are at or near the top of the list, due to their national interest. However, if I filter visitors to The Deets by location, and just look at Minnesotans who visited this site, I can get a better feel for what regular readers here were reading.

  1. What Your MGM Liquor Warehouse Purchases Purchased – Real estate porn.
  2. Are Tom Emmer’s DWI Convictions Appropriate Wikipedia Content? – This was among the most revised sections of Tom Emmer’s Wikipedia page throughout the election.
  3. Tom Emmer’s Tracker, Abby Michaud’s Racist Blogging History – No election influencing footage was gathered by trackers associated with any of the gubernatorial campaigns this year.
  4. Mary Lahamer and Bob Collins’ Disappearing Tweets – Bob coincidentally deleted his account, and Mary never explained her Tweet censorship.
  5. Tom Emmer Related Search Engine Traffic – Lots of people were interested in learning more about Tom Emmer’s drunk driving criminal history, and proposed legislation to soften penalties on arrested drunk drivers. After the election, I started receiving “what went wrong?” type search traffic. People were asking who was Tom Emmer’s campaign manager.
  6. Top-75 Restaurants in Minneapolis / St Paul – There remain a ton of awesome non-franchise Mexican restaurants to choose from in the Twin Cities.
  7. Groupon Minneapolis Deals are Pretty Solid – I’ve become a big fan of Groupon.
  8. Minnehaha Dairy Queen’s New Bike Drive Thru – Did this get much use? I didn’t hear much about it this summer.
  9. Luke Hellier’s Lie of Omission Regarding Wikipedia VandalismIn August, I predicted that Minnesota Democrats Exposed would have less traffic in a year from then, based on Luke’s ability to run it into the ground. But he quit.
  10. Anyone But Tom Emmer – 57% of Minnesota’s voters agreed with that statement.

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