Watch Precious Waters: A Movie on Sulfide Mining Near the Boundary Waters

Greg Seitz from Friends of the Boundary Waters mentioned in the comments of this post that I may find the movie produced by his organization worth watching. He was right.

Precious Waters is a 25 minute long overview of the threats proposed sulfide mining operations (that’s mines that use acid to extract minerals like copper, not mining for sulfide) near the Boundary Waters may have on water in and near the park, including the watershed running from the Iron Range into the St. Louis River and from there into the Lake Superior. Additionally, they point out that this sort of thing can be so loud that it could drive away tourists paying for a peaceful environment. Here is the movie.

Precious Waters: Minnesota’s Sulfide Mining Controversy from Precious Waters on Vimeo.

You can click to watch it full screen using the link to the left of the Vimeo logo on the lower right part of the window.

Schedule some time to watch this during a food coma or as a bowl game halftime show with the relatives.

2 thoughts on “Watch Precious Waters: A Movie on Sulfide Mining Near the Boundary Waters”

  1. That’s because most of the current mining regulation is still based on the General Mining Act of 1872 enacted during the Gold Rush.

    So why don’t we embrace significant changes to add more protections to our environment?

    My guess is that it’s ineffectiveness protects the international mining interests of large U.S. corporations mining abroad who might face stiffer regulation in those countries if we were to tighten regulation here.

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