What the Deal with Hunter Drive in Medina, MN?

Here’s a street worth noting if you’re interested in white collar crime: Hunter Drive in Medina, Minnesota. That street has been home to at least two white collar criminals who’ve stolen tens of millions of dollars.

David H. McCaffrey is the most recent. I’ve added his property at 1475 Hunter Drive to my white collar crime map. It’s currently for sale. You may recognize the name of his neighbor: Denny Hecker, who lives at 1492 Hunter Dr in Medina.

It looks like Charles J. Chapman, III has been living down the block. He’s the COO of Dairy Queen and sits on the board of Panera. That seems very legit, so he may be the exception. His house, at 1502 Hunter Dr, is on the market too. Maybe he’s looking for some better neighbors?

With a population of just over 4,000, Medina must have one of the highest concentrations of white collar criminals in the state. Other notable residents are mentioned on Medina’s Wikipedia page, but the notable criminals are currently absent.

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  1. I worked at IDQ for a number of years and I have to say that company is the last place I’d expect to find corruption. I know the CEO fairly well and the culture there is as good as you’ll find anywhere (ok so no Google-style benefits). Highly recommend working there if given the chance–a really good local company.

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