Andy Post Posts While Ignoring Disgusting Comments on His Blog

Andy Post took the time to login and post a fresh post on Minnesota Democrats Exposed on Tuesday night, but failed to address the disgusting comments posted by one of his commenters.

As I mentioned before, horrible commenting policies attract horrible comments. And, it’s not just the original horrible comments that are the problem. Check out what happens if a commenter – in this case, myself – challenges a horrible commenter on being horrible.

Shouting Down Reasonable Challenges

Horrible commenters will attack commenters who don’t share their horrible worldview, making a site’s horrible comments even more horrible.

I like to think that Andy Post is better than he’s been behaving on MDE lately. To me, there is a difference between a Marty Seifert Republican like himself and a Michele Bachmann Republicans like Ryan Lyk or Luke Hellier.

When Post allows such disgusting comments and commenter attacks to fly on his site, he’s passively derailing his own writing. Post should understand that there are people who’s vote you can count on, yet wouldn’t want anywhere near a microphone during a press conference.

If Post raised the bar on civility at MDE, he might have a shot at creating a site that members of the local political media might actually take seriously. The Right in Minnesota needs a respectable voice to counterbalance Tony Sutton’s bloviating. Perhaps Post can be that voice?

11 thoughts on “Andy Post Posts While Ignoring Disgusting Comments on His Blog”

  1. Bill, that can happen. Google tries to serve up ads that they think each visitor will find relevant based on the content of a page, location, and browsing history among other factors, so they’re meant to be distracting. I’m getting peppered with Groupon ads on this page.

  2. Ed, I know how AdSense works but you are free to limit the types of ads that can appear on your site which detract from your message. You have chosen not to do that just like MDE has chosen not to remove comments that do the same.

  3. Being that MDE attracts a crowd which is apparently interested in the type of comments they permit, as evidenced by the fact that they are posted in the first place and continue to be posted, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be fair for MDE to remove them 🙂

  4. I think it is safe to say Ed that, for the most part, the only conservative readers you get here are the ones you attack in your posts. I can assure you none of us care if you display ads that appeal to us. We do, of course, appreciate how considerate you are in thinking of us with regards to the advertising you host…yeah.

    In other news I remember you (Ed) said you would address your attack on Ryan for saying that Rep. Oberstar was out of touch with his constituents. Obviously alluding to the fact that many people were fed up with what Oberstar has been doing. When can we expect to see this entry?

  5. Erik, I think you’re confusing conservatives (including people I know, respect, and readers of this blog) with conservative political operatives that have a knack for making weak arguments in support of an ideology they’ve latched onto.

    I’m also seeing a lot of “what went wrong” type Emmer traffic from search engines these days on terms like “who was tom emmer’s campaign strategist?” and “tom emmer mistakes in the last month of campaign”. I suppose they could be coming from people on the left, but it doesn’t seem like people on the left would care enough about Tom Emmer to ask questions like that.

    Sorry if you misunderstood the banter between Bill and myself. If you’ve read his blog, you’d likely understand where he’s at politically, which may help explain the conversation.

    Do you find it as funny as I do to see you hopping on here to divert the conversation away from Ryan Lyk’s horrible blog commenting policies? What’s your take on the quality of the conversation Post and Lyk are hosting at MDE?

    Regarding a follow-up on my earlier post about Lyk that mentioned his perspective on Oberstar, as I mentioned earlier on Twitter, I’ll write it up. I like that sort of thing.

  6. I have no problem letting people post whatever they want, to a point. If people are going to make ignorant and baseless statements like what is addressed about that is one thing; they are only embarrassing themselves with their immaturity. When things really cross the line, like racist statements, and especially threats of physical violence then that is where one must take action. I understand your frustration with these posts as they are unnecessary but in light of the first amendment those people have the constitutional right to make fools out of themselves.

    I don’t feel the post referencing John Edwards goes far enough to pull it. It is in bad taste, we are in 100% agreement there. They did not reference his wife directly although they were obviously alluding to his wifes death. This individual is just making a fool of themselves. The rub in this case is that we don’t actually know WHO posted it, but if this person is truly proud of what they wrote we more to worry about than just an immature comment to a blog post.

  7. @Erik, great perspective on that. It goes to show one of the challenges caused by allowing anonymous commenters. That’s a climate Ryan and Andy adopted but don’t necessarily have to maintain. On the other extreme is something like MinnPost which requires both registration and commenting under full first and last names. I don’t think frustrated is the right word to describe my feelings about MDE’s comments. That may apply to something like the StarTribune where I really do wish they’d create a more civil commenting community more similar to what one would see on the editorial page of their paper. Well reasoned arguments from a variety of perspectives seems like a good thing to me.

    With MDE, it’s more of a case of me trying to shame them into being better bloggers, which doesn’t necessarily benefit me.

    People have a constitutional right to make fools of themselves, but that has little to do with this situation. Would you allow a masked man to crash a party at your house, say incredibly distasteful things, then turn to your guests and say, “he has a constitutional right to do that”? Of course not. It’s your house. And, in the case of MDE, it’s Andy and Ryan’s blog. They set the rules, and the horrible rules they’ve set enable horrible anonymous commenters to say horrible things.

    Wouldn’t Ryan and Andy benefit more in the long run by creating a community that’s respected by respectable people rather than being a home to anonymous idiots?

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