Ryan Lyk and Andy Post’s Horrible Comment Hosting

Here is an example of the type of comments Ryan Lyk and Andy Post are willing to host on Minnesota Democrats Exposed:

Minnesota Democrats Exposed Cesspit

MDE’s time stamps are running one hour fast, so anonymous commenter, sotaman, posted that within an hour of the news breaking about Elizabeth Edwards’ death. Which means that the comment has been live for over 2 hours and counting on the MN GOP blog of young Republicans, Ryan Lyk and Andy Post.

I left a comment expressing my thoughts on Ryan Lyk’s and Andy Post’s comments administration:

Thoughts on Ryan Lyk and Andy Post's Commenting Policy

Which brought out yet another anonymous commenter to drag things down even further:

Minnesota Democrats Exposed Comment Example

Horrible commenting policies attract horrible comments.

Clearly, expecting some level of civility, after the death of a politician’s wife, in the comments of a site managed by Ryan Lyk and Andy Post may be much too much to ask.

Are they embarrassed by this sort of thing?

Minnesota.cbslocal.com got around to removing the KKK comments on their website. Will Lyk and Post do the same, or leave them up? Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Lyk and Andy Post’s Horrible Comment Hosting”

  1. I don’t think the commenter mentioned Elizabeth Edwards. He was commenting on John Edwards. But interesting point. If a blog is responsible for censoring its commenters, try looking at MNPubs blog when they used to have a thriving comment section. The liberal slander and profanity run rampant.

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