Tony Sutton Isn’t Paying His #MNGOP Bills


Two weeks ago the County sent letters to both parties requiring a 1,000 dollar down payment.They say the DFL Party has paid…but the Republican Party has not.


[Bridgette Kennedy, Nicollet County Auditor] says, “To date we haven’t received anything yet.”And other counties say they’re facing the same problem…Brown County has requested a paycheck from the state GOP twice with no luck…the bill there is 846 dollars.

But that doesn’t stop Tony Sutton‘s party from being litigious jerks:

On top of the documents request…Both Nicollet County and Waseca County were threatened with litigation by the Republican Party if documents were not completed in a timely manner.

Who’s money is being used but not reimbursed?

“I would feel horrible if the taxpayer dollars have been used fruitlessly”

Pay your bills, Tony.

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