minnesota.cbslocal.com Removes Comment Without Explanation

Local news site, minnesota.cbslocal.com, ended up removing the hate speech they hosted for 5 hours, but in doing so, created a new problem that’s common among websites using reactionary comment moderation policies. Take a look at the comments now:

Disappearing Comments

The first comment is a pingback from TLD30.com, followed by my comment, and then the pingback to my previous post on The Deets. (Many blocks include a feature called Trackbacks, where the sites will automatically alert other sites that you’ve written about them. This triggers those sites to add a link back to the commentary in the form of a pingback.)

The issue here is that my comment no longer makes sense on minnesota.cbslocal.com since the comment it refers to is now missing. minnesota.cbslocal.com did not leave any hint that they deleted the hate speech they had hosted for 5 hours.

I now have no ability to clean up that comment, received no alert that a comment I commented about had been removed, etc. There was no “engaging of the engagers” either (whatever that means).

One mess led to another.

If a minnesota.cbslocal.com employee could erase my comment, that would be great. Let’s work together to make minnesota.cbslocal.com better.

This is the mainstream media at work near the end of 2010. And this is on minnesota.cbslocal.com’s recently update site.

Closed circuit to frustrated minnesota.cbslocal.com employees: things may seem pretty dark at times like this, but it will get better. I hope.

One thought on “minnesota.cbslocal.com Removes Comment Without Explanation”

  1. It is undoubtedly bad “netiquitte” to remove a comment from a posting, leaving other comments hanging which, without the previous context, make no sense.

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