Run Minneapolis: 30th & Nokomis Aves S

E Minnehaha Parkway at 30th Ave S

Shek, Carly and I knocked off Nokomis and 30th Aves South on Sunday, passing through the Nokomis neighborhoods Keewaydin, Wenonah, Standish and Ericsson neighborhoods.

Nokomis East Neighborhood Association

Heading south on 30th Ave from Minnehaha Parkway, we passed the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association HQ at 50th St E.

Shoefiti on 30th Ave S

A couple blocks further south, I spotted some shoefiti on a powerline.

Lake Nokomis Community School

The Lake Nokomis Community School’s Keewaydin campus is a grades 4-8 school. It sounds like a school with motivated students and parents.

Crosstown Covenant Church

Crosstown Covenant Church has a cool infographic explaining their affiliation.

Bossen Field at 30th Ave S

Bossen Field, at the southern end of our run, is currently stuck between soccer and hockey seasons.

Minnehaha Parkway at 30th Ave S

Heading north, we crossed Minnehaha Parkway.

Minnehaha Creek Facing West at 30th Ave S

And the Minnehaha Creek, which had a few ducks who haven’t gotten the hint. Shek is the VP of the Minnehaha Creek watershed district.

Cardinal Bar

The northern terminus of our run was within sniffing distance of The Cardinal at 38th St E. They make a great Mexican burger.

Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School was quiet during Thanksgiving weekend.

Nokomis Ave Pedestrian Bridge over Minnehaha Creek

The pedestrian bridge over the Minnehaha Creek prevented us from having to swim.

Brian and Carly on Nokomis Ave S

Brian and Carly don’t slow down when I’m snapping photos.

Sad Hawkeyes Fan

A sad Hawkeyes Fan flies their flag.

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  1. They also have meat raffles, Bingo, pool tables, darts. It’s a great place. One downside: The outdoor seating is in a cage next to a busy bus/LRT station, so it gets pretty loud – especially during happy hours.

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