Run Minneapolis: 32nd & 31st Aves South

E 31st St at S 32nd Ave

I have a few more blocks to go in the Longfellow neighborhood before I’ve closed off everything to the east of Hiawatha.

Walgreens on East Lake Street

Heading North on 32nd Ave S, I passed Walgreens at E Lake St. This place is great if you’re not in a hurry to pick up a prescription. But, they do have text message alerts to completed prescriptions, which is pretty cool.

20F at TCF Bank

TCF Bank was reporting a balmy 20F as I passed by. It would be nice to see them be better neighbors by cleaning up the graffiti on their property. They could also show a bit more local knowledge in the naming of their locations:

TCF Locations in Longfellow

The names and locations of those two venues seemed flipped to me.

St. Albert The Great Church

St. Albert the Great Church at 32nd Ave S at 29th St E is celebrating its 75th anniversary year.

Anne Sullivan School

Anne Sullivan School is named after Helen Keller’s teacher, and includes a program for deaf students. It also has ELL programs with expertise in helping native Spanish, Oromo, and Somali speaking students.

Brackett Park Rocket

Taking a picture of the rocket in Brackett Park at 36th Ave S & 28th St E proved to be difficult.

Immanuel Baptist Church

Immanuel Baptist Church at 36th Ave S and 26th St E doesn’t appear to have a website.

Birchwood Cafe

Heading back south on 33rd, I passed near the Birchwood Cafe, where, in the summer, one sees a sidewalk full of bikes parked out front (and a Nice Ride station). This was a particularly icy day, so few bikes, but this places draws year-round cyclists.

Seward Child Care Center

Seward Child Care Center on 32nd Ave. South at 24th St E has been providing hippie friendly child care since 1973. A solid fit for the Seward Community.

McDonalds on East Lake Street

During the South Minneapolis Blizzard Pub Crawl #3, I asked fellow imbibers which McDonald’s on Lake Street they thought was the best. This one got the votes. However, there was a bit of a geographic bias to the polling.

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