Google AdSense Revenue by Sources of Traffic

Google AdSense Revenue by Sources of Traffic

I’m not saying that search engine traffic is important for advertising revenue. I’m just saying that it plays a significant role. In the case of this site, it accounts for around 80% of AdSense revenues.

Your numbers may vary. For example, if your site is not search engine friendly, you’ll probably earn a larger percentage of your Google AdSense revenue from other sources.

Google AdSense CPM Rates by Referrer

Sorting that data CPM rate (how much I make per 1,000 ad impressions on this site), we can, again, see that loyal visitors are worthless from a Google AdSense perspective. At the far right is traffic from people who come here directly (bookmarks or typing in the to their browser) or people who click over from a feed reader like Bloglines. I think the Google Referrals on the right account for people who’ve set this site as a feed on their custom homepage.

The funny one is the high revenue per visit from Comcast error pages. These are people who attempted to type something into their browser, failed, then saw a link to something on The Deets among the links on that error page. After clicking over to The Deets, they, again, may have realized they were in the wrong place and left through an ad they clicked. Thanks(?), Comcast, for sending inexperienced web users to my ads rather than helping them find what they were actually looking for.

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  1. I was going to post a comment on the CBS Local page post about them being my #1 source of ad revenue aside from search engine traffic and Urbanspoon users. I was pretty surprised to say the least.

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