Run Minneapolis: 27th and 30th Aves N

N Bryant Ave at N 26th Av

Carly and I ran 27th and 30th Aves N on Sunday. But, before getting to those two blocks, I had to finish up the Eastern end of 26th Ave N starting from Bryant. That’s where I took myself out while running with The Other Mike by spraining my ankle in March 2009.

New Salem Missionary Baptist Church

I couldn’t find a website for New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, at 26th & Lyndale, but I did find a couple clips of the Rev. Jerry McAfee on YouTube. He takes a while to warm up but he definitely gets warm.

Farview Park

Here’s a shot of Farview Park from the SW corner with our first snow of the season.

I-94 Northbound at 26th Ave N

This is I-94 Northbound coming out of downtown Minneapolis. 26th Ave N goes all the way to the river.

Minneapolis Recycling Trucks

East of I-94 is an industrial area with scrap metal services, metal for sale, and things made out of metal, like Minneapolis’ metal collecting vehicles.

Spin-Out on I-94

We noticed that someone had spun out on I-94 while we were crossing back on 26th Ave N. Drive safe. The roads are slippery this time of year.

Jimmy Carter Habitat House

We worked our way up to 30th Ave N, where we saw two Habitat for Humanity construction projects. Jimmy Carter was in town earlier this fall to pound some nails at one of the properties in North.

Berean Missionary Baptist Church

Berean Missionary Baptist Church is at 30th & Lyndale Ave N. The church has been at this location since 1988 after moving a few times over its first 3 years.

New Bethel Church

New Bethel Baptist Church at 30th & Emerson doesn’t seem to have a website either.

Jordan Park School

Jordan Park School appears to be in good shape, although it closed in 2007. Jeff Skrenes has a good post explaining the history of how North High School was hurt by the reduction in elementary and junior high schools in North Minneapolis. The building is now home to Hmong International Academy and, I think, the Pierre Bottineau French Immersion School.

Theodore Wirth Parkway

Theodore Wirth Parkway was our turnaround. There is a pretty solid sledding hill along here at 26th. Notice that the paths are plowed better than the roads.

Petro Stop on Broadway

Heading back on 27th Ave N, the old Petro Stop at Broadway went out of business when a gallon of gas cost one dollar. Handy Stop is currently selling gas for $2.89. Why did Petro Stop fail while Handy Stop is making it? It’s gotta be the names.

Nellie Stone Johnson School

We passed Nellie Stone Johnson School at Bryant. It’s a K-8 school. Nellie Stone Johnson was the first black woman elected to citywide office in Minneapolis when she was elected to the library board in 1945.

3 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: 27th and 30th Aves N”

  1. I’ve done all the runs I can reasonably do from my house at this point. Carly drops me off sometimes so I can run home. I’ve taken NiceRide bikes to other parts of the cities for runs. And I’ve driven to quite a few spots to start. Living downtown would be perfect at a time like this.

  2. The Petro Stop was owned by…..drumroll… notorious northside slumlord Keith Dave David Reitman and sold to an affordable housing developer called Alliance Housing before the economic crash, so he got top dollar.

    Funny thing is the groundbreaking for the “Gateway Lofts” development – which has been quite a community splitting development – is TODAY

    Here is a facebook link to mayor’s aide Cara Letofsky at the groundbreaking.!/photo.php?fbid=1638399916365&set=a.1432001516534.2060759.1127777243

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