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Yellowbook Fails, Fails Again, Then Refuses to Pay Up

I unsubscribed from Yellowbook’s printed directory in 2008, but still received a directory from them in both 2009 and 2010, showing that the company is not capable of living up to its own promises.

So, this year, I decided to take a different approach to dealing with Yellowbook: I invoiced them for littering on my property the past two years. And I cc’d the Minnesota Attorney General, Lori Swanson, figuring that this might motivate Yellowbook to respond to my letter. It turns out that this worked, to a point. In the end, it created nearly a Yellowbook worth of letters and faxes.

Here’s the story:

6 thoughts on “Yellowbook Fails, Fails Again, Then Refuses to Pay Up”

  1. You rock, Ed!!! When are the television shows going to fly you out to Los Angeles so you can appear on talk shows and talk about what you’re doing? I think you need to promote yourself more so your message can get out more, all over the nation.

  2. hey, how about small claims court?
    yellowbook probably wont even show up.
    you’ll win by default.

    then you have a judgement. attach to their property.
    Plus, lots more content for your blog.

  3. @Moroco, good idea. It’s amazing how poorly Yellowbook has addressed my reasonable concern. What other type of company would admit to screwing up a customer’s request not once but twice, then offer no resolution to the problem they’ve created?

  4. Real life spam… I hate all the crap I get in the mail in general. I wish we had some laws against “current resident” garbage and allow only opt-in mass mailing. It’s crazy making.

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