Tom Emmer, BPA, and Wikipedia

As election day nears, edits to candidate’s Wikipedia pages are reaching a fevered pitch. As of today Tom Emmer’s Wikipedia page has been semi-protected, which means that anonymous (or, at least unregistered) users can no longer make edits to the page. This step was taken after an anonymous user kept editing in content that other Wikipedia editors didn’t think was relevant or supported.

As far as I can tell from looking through recently reverted edits in Tom Emmer’s Wikipedia page edit history, the offending content is this:


In 2009, Emmer voted against S.F. 247. Which states that by January 1, 2010, no manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler may sell or offer for sale in Minnesota a children’s product that contains bisphenol-A except for used children’s products.

Why is that an issue? A well-argued discussion on the Discussion/Talk page for Tom Emmer’s Wikipedia page explains it. In a nutshell, no context is provided. In fact, the entire Talk page is pretty interesting (and more interesting than the article itself) as Wikipedia editors weigh issues like how to most appropriately discuss Emmer’s DWI history, MN Forward’s advertising, and Emmer’s favorite gay bashing Christian rock band.

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  1. From reviewing the edits, “Arzel” seems to accuse everyone of having a political agenda. Methinks he doth protest too much … for the conservative side.

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