Backpage Categories Under Review

Anyone know what’s going on here at Backpage?

Backpage Categories Under Review

Here’s the note they’ve published:

Under Review
This category has been temporarily placed under review. We are currently working hard to improve the category’s safety and security for our users and plan to re-open it as soon as possible.
Thank you,

What inspired this review? Strangely, the truly adult categories are not under review while these are. Is it a case of looking into adult related ads creeping into non-adult-specific categories?

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  1. Seems to me that Backpage has caved in to the Attorneys General demands just like Craigslist did. They probably calculated that it would appear better to users if they “appear” to be censoring all of the categories rather than just the “adult” categories. Don’t worry, within a day or two, they’ll be “reviewing” the adult categories, too. Then, not so long after that, the “Adult” section will disappear completely just like it did with Craigslist. Just more “big brother” knowing what is good for you and making that determination for you.

  2. Ed Kohler……………………….I doubt highly that Backpage is going to fight any harder, or be able to fight any harder, than Craigslist. In the end, they are nearly powerless to fight the government. The government has many tools available to bring great difficulties on Backpage and interfere with their business. It has been this way for a long time and the systematic erotion of our liberties has only increased, not decreased, over the years. The truth is that Backpage can fight, or make it appear that they are fighting, but in the end they will only do as the government tells them to do and they will be powerless to stop it. That’s just the sad truth in the state of affairs right now. Right now, I think Backpage is only trying to prop up their image and make it appear like they are fighting. That’s the best they can do. This is one sad country. What’s even more sad is how the people ever let it come to this.

  3. i believe it’s not so much the government sticking their nose in it as it is more to do with the fact that 99% of the ads on there are just sites and webcam girls trying to prey on the horny. people, if desperate and ill willed, will pay for sex. even if it’s not in person i.e. webcams. you can see they’re not worried about the men on men section but they are the woman for men and NSA sections. the point is, there are no REAL women on there. just bots and phonies.

  4. I am a licensed entertainer… Not A Prostitute… I do Fantasy Role Play & Fetish Work & Never Cross The Line. I have been noticing my liberties on backpage are slowly being removed. I no longer can use what they call “Advanced HTML” ie: & Image Hosting & URL’S, which is bad considering I AM A DIGITAL MARKETER ALSO….. I have been limited to 500 Characters In My Ad… (Thats 3 and a 1/4 text messages) Good Luck Explaining your Not A Lady Of The Night In That amount of Space… Since they limited amount in the ads I’ve been being solicited for sex more and more…egh!!!) Now as of today at 3pm all my ads which I pay on average $17.50 (Sponsor & Auto Repost) for began being highlighted in tangerine on my manage ad section stating on the status “Under Review.” I post elegant pics (as elegant as can be in this line of work…lol:) with no nudity, explicit images or sexual acts and I just feel attacked. I’m not the only one who has this going on. CENSORSHIP is giving me a really hard time. I fear backpage will soon be a thing of the “Good Ole’ Times”…come on Craigslist was ghetto in the end! I still use both sites to sell the cars for the auto dealers I am hired to market… Funny thing though… When they closed the ‘Adult Section” on my Hit Tracker counted nearly a third of an increase on my backpage auto ads within 4 days and I npw get more hits when backpage is mentioned on the news here! Hmmm… Sex….Cars…Internet???? wow…. lol

    Please no hateful comments I just thought you’d like to hear about the otherside

  5. I placed many adds and they charge me and don’t post my adds. As soon as the scams start the karma kicks in!!!! It is time for unfair businesses to go down!!! Most of the advertisements there r for sex and there r no real photo girls there. I am a massage therapist and I guess they don’t like normal jobs there. It has to b sex offered. Good luck surviving!!!

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