Twin Cities Marathon Spectating Guide

I’ve watched a few Twin Cities Marathons in my day and think I’ve optimized the route for spectators interested in seeing someone a bunch of times. Done right, this allows for six encounters.

In all cases, park with the idea that you’re going to need to get a move on after seeing your racer.

View Larger Map and printable directions here.

1. Park near the Rose Garden.

2. Head to park behind the Caribou at Cedar and M’haha Parkway on Longfellow Ave. Walk to Cedar and Minnehaha to watch your racer come off of Minnehaha Parkway onto Cedar Ave to go around Lake Nokomis.

3. Walk East along Minnehaha to see your racer come off of Lake Nokomis back onto Minnehaha Parkway.

4. Head across the Lake St. Bridge to St Paul and park off Otis or some other street to the south of Town & Country.

5. Cross the Lake St bridge to watch your racer on West River Parkway.

6. Cross back across Lake St to watch your racer head up toward St. Thomas on East River Parkway.

7. Get on 94, and off at Dale. Take University to Rice. There is a parking lot across from the White Castle that works well. Walk past the Capitol to the finish line.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could probably get from the start to Harriett, but watching the start is very difficult.

Good luck racers and spectators!

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  1. Ed! Great post! The gang will be following the recommend route tomorrow. Were bummed you won’t be here like last year!

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