35W Bridge Scrap Removal Costs

35W Bridge Scrap Removal Costs, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Thinking out loud here. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to open up the fence
and spray paint a FREE sign rather than hire crews to remove the bridge
scrap from Bohemian Flats?

Surely, some motivated scrappers, artists, and collectors could have cleaned
that up in no time.

I may have missed why this is being relocated once again (Afton?) rather
than being put back into the economy. More pending lawsuits? Anyone know?

5 thoughts on “35W Bridge Scrap Removal Costs”

  1. In my experience the scrappers would be there within the hour to pile it onto their truck!

    Another option could be to have rings made for every civil engineering graduate to remind you why you need to do your job well… like they do in Canada.

  2. I’m pretty sure MnDot will sell it for scrap at some point, and recover some of the value.

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