Sites Like Craigslist

We can all thank the 17 state attorney generals who solved the prostitution problem in America by pressuring Craigslist into shutting down their Adult Services classifieds category.


Well, as I mentioned earlier this week, the web is nearly infinite, so shutting down any given site will have little to no impact on escort advertising.

Currently, one of the most popular alternatives to Craigslist for “Adult Services” advertising is Village Voice Media’s classifieds site, I counted the number of Escort Ads posted in Minneapolis over the past 9 days, and found this:

Backpage Minneapolis Escort Ads Per Day

Whack a mole.

Every time the government attacks Craigslist, Craigslist alternatives like Backpage benefit.

5 thoughts on “Sites Like Craigslist”

  1. I have to agree, there are so many other websites, primarily,, and that host prostitution ads. I had 2 neighbors in my building that were prostituting and 1 had very young son living with her while she was doing this…. i reported it, and nothing was ever done by the police, it is sad that I feel like the police don’t even respond to these issues. I was genuinely concerned for the woman with the young child and her “pimp” that was always in the building causing trouble…. the police actually showed the email i sent to the prostitute the one time they responded by saying it was one of her neighbors that told on her… i just think it is sad that a concerned citizen tries to help and the police actually put me in jeopardy by telling her a confidential report… so i just feel sad that prostitution is something that doesnt get paid attention to and responded to even when people go out of their way to let the police know about it

  2. First off if its behind close doors you shouldn’t bitch are you seeing them have sex? how do you know the diff bewteen a friend or a guy coming over to pay for sex? as long as your not seeing it in person then don;t worry about it if r that concern then maybe offer them a job where you work lol better then workin on the streets isn’t it?

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