Minnesota GOP SD56 Has a Problem with Successful Women

One of Minnesota’s GOP districts (SD56) has published what is the strangest videos I’ve seen coming out of a political party this year. I’ve embedded it below. In case you can’t handle the entire thing, the first three minutes show attractive pictures of women associated with Republican politics, and the last two show the worst cherry-picked or Photoshopped photos of Democrats from the national stage. Here’s the video:

This is very strange. Apparently, the GOP’s role models these days are demagogue authors, beauty agent participants famous for saying bigoted things, and a politician who quit so she could make more money as a talk show host and author (like Rosie O’Donnell).

Compare that to:

  • Graduates of Wellesley, Princeton, Columbia, Harvard, & Yale
  • Two United States Senators
  • A United States Attorney General
  • A member of the House of Representatives
  • Immigrants who came from nothing to become some of the most powerful people in the world.
  • Two female Secretaries of State, including the first female SoS.
  • The first female Minority Whip in the US House of Representatives.
  • The first female Speaker of the House.
  • A former US Ambassador to the United Nations
  • A Georgetown professor.
  • A journalist who covered the White House for 50 Years.

I tend to look beyond the superficial when picking role models. Education, hard work, and public service deserve respect.

The men of the MN GOP affiliated with this video (Randy Brown [webmaster who published it], Joe Salmon [district chair who thinks it’s funny], Michael Brodkorb [MN GOP Deputy Chair, who could solve this problem if he cared to], Tony Sutton [MN GOP State Chair, who could solve this problem if he cared to]) seem to be suggesting that education, hard work, and public service by women are not respected by their party if they’re not beauty queens. Ladies, there are some good alternatives to associating yourself with these knuckleheads.

The Superficial

You may be wondering, “If he’s so focused on the superficial, this Randy Brown fellow must be a real prince charming, right?” Decide for yourself:

Randy Brown


5 thoughts on “Minnesota GOP SD56 Has a Problem with Successful Women”

  1. I didn’t take offense as a woman, democrat or non-beauty queen. I took offense than this guy kept claiming it was actually funny.

  2. Ha! Well said.

    The sad thing is, that I imagine many Republican women would view the video as funny, because they are on “the pretty team,” regardless of what they actually look like, rather than note their party’s tendency to treat women as subhuman pleasure-bots.

  3. Article in today’s STrib notes that the Republican women running for State House and State Senate think the video is bad but the webmaster twittered that he doesn’t think “the other side” has a sense of humor.

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