Ken Clark Insults Taxpayers Over Yellow Pages Disposal Costs

Yellow Pages industry insider, Ken Clark, once again proves that he has no clue how to deal with changes to the yellow pages landscape by insulting people who complain about the costs of yellow pages disposal:

Ken Clark Insults Taxpayers

The link in his tweet goes to this post on The Deets where I tried to break down the cost we all pay to deal with the waste generated by the yellow pages industry. Apparently, Ken Clark feels that Minnesotans shouldn’t be bitching about spending tax dollars dealing with his industry’s waste.

At the time I posted that Minnesota’s population was estimated to be 4,919,479. Now, it’s saying 5,266,214. Either way, that comes to around one million dollars per year spent on recycling and trash services to deal with yellow pages. Just in the State of Minnesota, which has around 1/60th of the US population.

Ken, here’s a deal for you: If you and/or your YP buddies will cut an annual check to the State of Minnesota for $1 million, I’ll stop bitching about the cost of dealing with disposing of yellow pages. Yes, I can be bought. Just cover this one externality your industry creates and I’ll shut up.

Of course, I’ll still bitch about the time cost of dealing with your books, about your industry littering foreclosed homes, about your industry delivering to people on opt-out lists, etc., but it’s a start.

It’s also worth noting that Ken decided to ignore the fact that most of the waste his industry creates ends up in landfills.

Let me know when the check’s in the mail.

What really gets me about this particular Ken Clark absurdity is that the guy claims to be a fiscal conservative. If that’s the case, you think the guy would show some sympathy for taxpayers. However, it looks like Ken Clark is a self-absorbed fiscal conservative who wants taxpayers to supplement his industry’s business. It’s the other stuff that’s wasteful. #suckeatabagofdicks(ht@ang)

5 thoughts on “Ken Clark Insults Taxpayers Over Yellow Pages Disposal Costs”

  1. @The Other Mike, I’m all for self-regulation until self-regulation fails. The YP industry in the United States, with people like Ken Clark involved in it, doesn’t seem capable of listening to legitimate concerns of people on the receiving end of their product. A product considered to be nothing more than a heavy printed form of spam to a small but growing portion of recipients. That’s not to say that everyone hates yellow pages. Far from it. Just that people who are over YP are OVER YP.

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  3. C’mon Ken…that is $.20 for everyone man, woman, and child in the entire state, regardless of whether or not they are babies or invalids, regardless of whether they even have phones to say nothing of wanting 3 YP bricks tossed on their steps each year.

    It seems like past time for legislation for OPT-IN yellow pages. This is a prime example of WHY the capitalist system does NOT correct itself and must be pushed into socially responsible action by government.

    All those business and political types who say otherwise…I present Exhibit YP.

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