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Tour de Nice Ride Was an Urban Adventure

Aaron and I did the Tour de Niceride on Thursday night. It was basically a scavenger hunt where we had to make 10 stops around town using the Niceride bikes. A clue was provided for each stop, at one of the 65 Niceride locations around town.

The manifest of clues came out at noon, so Aaron and I worked our way through the clues at that time. We were stumped by a couple, but felt pretty good about it. So we decided to give it a shot. Here is what we thought the venues were before heading out:

View Niceride in a larger map

Our first stop was Common Roots Cafe. We checked out bikes across the street on 26th at Lyndale, went into Common Roots, and found out that it was NOT a stop. Whoops.

Then we headed downtown where we picked up our first stamp at Loring Park, followed by the YWCA, IDS, Metrodome, and Spoonriver. Then we worked our way over to the U of MN to the Gopher stadium. Here’s Aaron on University Ave:

Tour de NiceRide - Minneapolis

And a whole team action shot:

Tour de NiceRide - Minneapolis

After the Gopher stadium, we hit the Birchwood Cafe (the correct answer to the wrong stop we hit earlier). We then shot down to Peace Coffee’s HQ, only to find, well, no one. That was a bad error since Peace Coffee doesn’t have a Niceride kiosk yet.

From there, we hit the Blue Nile, then checked out the Seward Coop, which was where the Peace Coffee sponsored kiosk was. With that, we headed to the Bedlam Theater for the after party, where we found out that Randall Deitel from VeloVeggies had already finished.

Here’s the after-party crowd during the raffle for a lot of cool stuff:

Tour de NiceRide - Minneapolis

Here’s Randall:

Tour de NiceRide - Minneapolis

It’s good to hear that Randall suffered a bit for his first place finish:

Randall on Niceriding

Good times.

Also, as Nick Cross pointed out to me on Twitter, there is a 65 Challenge to bike around town and check bikes in & out of all 65 stations in a single day. You can do it whenever you want, and get a bike jersey for completing it. Who wants to give that a shot?

If you haven’t tried the bikes yet, I highly recommend giving them a try with out of town guests. They’re very convenient to check out (just swipe a credit card) and are a casual and comfortable way to check out the city.

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  2. 65 station challenge. I’m in on that. I need a new jersey – if I ride through the U of M campus one more time in my Hawkeye jersey, I put my life at risk.

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