Lake Harriet Bandshell & Trails: GOP Friendly?

Here’s a shot of the new header photo being used on the right-wing ad buying group funded by Target:

MN Forward Likes the Taxpayer Funded Harriett Bandshell

Does anything seem weird to you about this photo choice to you? Here are a few things that cause this image choice to make me scratch my head:

1. Taxpayer dollars built the bandshell.
2. Which was built with union labor.
3. The trails were built with our tax dollars.
4. Again, union labor.
5. The bandshell offers free concerts! (Socialist)
6. The people holding hands walking on the trail did not have to pay a user fee for that experience.
7. That bench was paid for with our tax dollars.
8. The tree was planted and is maintained with our tax dollars. Although LGA cuts have impacted tree trimming budgets.
9. Tax dollars are used to fight zebra mussels and millfoil in the lake.
10. The sailboat bouys are rented by the taxpayer funded Park Board.

I’m sure I’m missing some things here. My point here is that MN Forward members and their supporters (including Target’s CEO, Gregg Steinhafel) are welcome to use the taxpayer supported trails, bandshells, parks, lakes, and benches.

But, it would be nice if – while doing so – they wouldn’t simultaneously work to make cuts to our city’s valued infrastructure by chopping Local Government Aid.

And, another option would be to use images that better reflect the type of Minnesota your policies would build.

5 thoughts on “Lake Harriet Bandshell & Trails: GOP Friendly?”

  1. I’m a conservative and I believe that there are a limited number of tax-funded public entities which should probably exist in the world–parks are one of them. I don’t know the specifics behind this group but perhaps they feel the same way?

    And, as far as the more specific mentions you provide such as using union labor to build it–maybe they view it as something that’s already been done with their money and they just want to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future the same way?

  2. @Ed

    But public-private partnerships would more likely balance profit/job creation with conservation/stewardship. Examples would include restaurants like Sea Salt in a park.

  3. Maybe they intended the photo as a dire warning of the terrible, terrible things that could happen if Minnesota once again falls into the hands of the Democrats. “Free concerts! People walking free in the sunshine! Heed our prophecy, Minnesota, before it is too late!”

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