Galactic Pizza + Give & Take

Aaron and I biked over to Uptown to grab some pizza and check out Give & Take on Wednesday night.

Pizza? Yes, I was with Aaron. Galactic Pizza was the choice of the night, for their Second Harvest Heartland vegetarian. A buck goes to Second Harvest, which is cool, but would only be cool if the pizza was good too. And it was.

Also, Galactic has new menus, as Aaron demonstrates:

Aaron Reading the Galactic Pizza Menu

Yes, they’re 3-D. My turn:

Ed Reading the Galactic Pizza Menu

Full disclosure: We knew what we were going to get before we got there. Acting, people.

Then the pizza arrived, I wanted to quickly grab a piece so I could burn the roof of my mouth. But Aaron, being the experienced pizza diner that he is, put a hold on things so he could first document with his iPhone.

Aaron Pizza Shooting at Galactic Pizza

With full stomachs, we walked over to Intermedia Arts for Give & Take, where Holly explained how awesome Colombia is for kicking it with a backpack for a couple weeks.

Holly at Give & Take

Then Conner caught us up on what’s going on with the Minneapolis food truck scene.

Conner at Give & Take

Which reminded me that I haven’t had an encounter with Foxy Falafel yet. Who’s hungry?

6 thoughts on “Galactic Pizza + Give & Take”

  1. We hit the Tap House afterwards but walking back and seeing how empty (and how much more awesome) Galatic was made us wish we had chosen them instead! Now knowing we missed out on 3D menus really sinks in the regret. Damn.

  2. Damn! I had no idea they had 3D menus. I’m a strong supporter of Galactic’s delivery service but have never dined in.

    I, too, went to Lyndale Tap but I was lured there under false pretenses. @MSPdude told me I’d get the @foursquare douchebag badge after checking in. I didn’t. And since most of the people there were from Give & Take, it wasn’t douchy at all. The pit beef sandwich was good.

  3. Also, question about the top pic – are those skateboards on the wall behind Aaron? If so, why is there a chunk missing from the tops of them?

  4. @Ren, yes, those are skateboard decks. I’m not sure why they have the noses chopped off. I think they’re for sale.

    @Ren & Ang, it’s good to hear that you weren’t alone at the Craphouse. Safety in numbers. Ren, you may need to hit the warehouse district to pick up a few more douchebag checkins to unlock that badge.

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