NoMi’s Latest Blog: The Irving Inquisition

North Minneapolis online infighting has spilled over into a new blog, The Irving Inquisition, where the thuggery of both neighborhood drug dealers and blog commenters are being called out.

The tour of Irving & 22nd and a hooker taking a crap alongside a house on Queen are two of the early highlights.

As I’ve mentioned here before, the comments on North Minneapolis blogs can be rather dysfunctional. Irving Inquisition has certainly baited the trolls, and quickly found out how rude they can be to people to demonstrate that they care about their community.

Documenting neighborhood issues seems like a powerful tactic toward cleaning things up. For example, it makes people take you more seriously if you say, “this has been a problem for a while now and I can prove it.” The Irving Inquisition’s writer seems to understand that, and seems to be making a sport out of baiting trolls. Quite the hobby in the making.

3 thoughts on “NoMi’s Latest Blog: The Irving Inquisition”

  1. Absolutely great news. People are getting tired of the johnnynorthside blog because he just likes to attack and harass specific people, and post piddly incidental stories. Besides the The Irving Inquisition, there are several news blogs tackling the problems in NoMi. And they are getting wide reception and appreciation. John Hoff and his JNS blog is quickly becoming a dinosaur.

  2. @Dave, it sounds like you’re not much of a fan of Johnny Northside. What did he do to you to piss you off so much?

    While you may be tired of his blog, it sounds like you’re a fairly regular reader, which means that, well, you’re still a reader.

    As far as I can tell from web traffic reports such as, it doesn’t look like John’s blog has lost its spot as the most popular blog in North Minneapolis. Having more voices for a community of that size is clearly a great thing. But one blog doesn’t have to go down for other voices to rise up.

    If Alexa’s numbers are to be trusted, it looks like the only site that is on par with John’s for traffic that covers North Minneapolis on a regular basis is the Spokesman Recorder’s site. Among blogs covering North Minneapolis issues, it looks like John probably gets as much traffic as the next few combined. If you have data that supports your opinions, let me know. I’d love to see it.

    Regarding “piddly incidental stories” have you ever read C.J. in the Star Tribune? John built his own soapbox, so it seems rather ridiculous to criticize someone for writing trivial things on their own blog. If you like trivial, hang out here for a bit. Be warned that you may be better off leaving if your standard for stories is higher than piddly & incidental.

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