The Deets for The Kindle

Did you know that you can read The Deets on your Kindle?

The Deets for The Kindle

Amazon charges $1.99 / month for this service. Of that, I make 30%, so if enough of you do this, I’ll be able to keep a full stock of quinoa in my cupboards.

If you really love your Kindle and think that anything is better when read on that magical device, one way to get The Deets onto the Kindle for free (or a 1-time fee of $10) would be by using Instapaper. That’s all explained here.

Under that model you’d still need to click each article to individually sync them in, so maybe the $2/mo Amazon charges makes sense for Kindle addicts?

Either way. Now you know.

It’s free for 14 days, so sign up, then forget that you signed up, so I can make 60 cents/month off your forgetfulness.

One thought on “The Deets for The Kindle”

  1. I so want a Kindle, or an iPad, hell, even that Nook thing. Currently I have to read articles the old fashioned way. I think I have one subscriber on Kindle but I have friends who write blogs and make a living off their subscriptions. I wish I knew how they did it but they won’t share. Good luck getting that quinoa.

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