Run Minneapolis: U of MN with Nice Ride Bikes

Nice Ride Bike Kiosk Near U of MN

I tied the new Nice Ride bikes into a run I did through the U of MN earlier this week. I picked up a bike at the Birchwood Cafe and rode to the Nice Ride bike kiosk located on the East side of the TCF Bank Stadium. As I understand the pricing, it’s $5 for 24 hours of use of the bikes plus some additional fees based on how long you have a bike checked out. The beauty of this, though, is that the first 30 minutes are free, so as long as you check the bike back in at any of the other kiosks around town in under 30 minutes, you only have to pay the day rate.

TCF Bank Stadium

From there, I headed East, away from the stadium. While looping through this section of streets, I managed to lose my car key. I later circled back to the Nice Ride kiosk, checked out another bike, then circled around for a while to try to find my key. No luck.

Phone Book Spam at Student Housing

But one thing I did find in the neighborhood was tons and tons of unwanted phone books. Thanks for nothing, Qwest Dex / Dex One.

Moos Hall

A bunch of nursing students and I took a nutrition class in Moos Tower in 1992.

The Mall at the U of MN

I crossed the bridge over Washington Ave toward Coffman and and snapped this shot of the mall.

Washington Ave Near Coffman Union

Construction is in full swing on the Weismann Art Museum addition. The road below will look quite a bit different once the LRT is built.

Coffman Union

Coffman Union was looking good in the sun. Plenty of Gopher schwag was for sale on the sidewalk.

Washington Ave Bridge Walkway

The walkway on the upper deck of the Washington Ave Bridge can protect you from the elements, which wasn’t necessary on this day.

Bohemian Flats with Old 35W Bridge Remains

What’s the deal with the shrapnel from the old 35W bridge still clogging up the Bohemian Flats park? Is there an ETA on removing it?

Minneapolis Skyline from Washington Ave Bridge

After crossing the Washington Ave Bridge, I checked out a Nice Ride bike (there are locations on both ends of the bridge) then headed back to the Birchwood Cafe. Once there, I checked that bike in, then checked another bike back out so I could loop home and back with a spare car key.

Overall, the Nice Ride system worked great. I enjoyed it enough to put it to work again on Thursday night with a friend of mine who was in town. We cruised from the Birchwood to Brasa in NE, hit a few spots around there, then rode home with bikes we picked up near the Guthrie after strolling across the Stone Arch Bridge on a beautiful night. Good times.

One thought on “Run Minneapolis: U of MN with Nice Ride Bikes”

  1. Ah, Bohemian Park…I feel it is making a social statement befitting it’s name.

    So, by the power vested in me as a citizen of the fair (to midland) state of Minnesota, I hereby declare Bohemian Park to be renamed Governor BridgeFail Park. Foremost, it stands as a solemn testiment to the power of Idealogy Over Intelligent leadership.

    Secondly, it serves as the true I-35 Victims Memorial Park, serving to remind us of the selfless sacrifice those poor souls made so the rest of us could have a better bridge built for the GOP Convention and beyond, into the future until the next governor with Tim’s idealogical vision leads us into the era of the future replacement bridge.

    Dedication ceremony is set for the opening day of the U of M fall term, so they might be available to participate in the kickoff of the first day of their new educational experience.

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