Scranton, PA Radisson vs Scranton, PA Hilton

Radisson Scranton, PA TP
Radisson Scranton TP

I’m in Scranton, PA tonight. No signs of Dwight or Michael yet, but I did see a Dunder Mifflin venue on Foursquare.

The TP shot above is from the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton. They converted an old train station into a hotel. It’s an awesome building and worth checking out if you find yourself in Scranton.

Unfortunately, the front-desk help was a bit off their game tonight. When I walked in to check in, I mentioned that I was a member of their rewards program. I may have pissed them off by accidentally calling it the Starwood program, but she knew what I meant. She made a minimal attempt to look up my points number, didn’t immediately see it, then issued me a new number and told me that I could merge the two accounts if I went online and found that I already had a previous account.

So, I went to my room and found what she couldn’t find in around 60 seconds. Yes, I was indeed already a Radisson GoldPointsPlus member. Now I had two numbers due to the incompetence or laziness of the front-desk staff. To me, this looks like a case of the front-desk staff offloading their customer service work onto the customer. That may be acceptable in many circumstances, but seems pretty lame at a Radisson Hotel. The person offering poor customer service has the initials AD and the title of “Front Office Supervisor”.

Hilton Scranton, PA TP
Hilton Scranton TP

I went back downstairs, checked out, and went across the street to the Scranton Hilton. While checking back out, AD asked me if there was anything she could do to make it up to me. No. I just wanted a clean break.

The first question the woman at the front desk asked me was, “Are you a Hilton HHonors member?” Why yes, I am. She immediately found me. She then said that she always asks this first because it makes things so much easier at check-in because they can pull up my room preferences and other fun stuff. She also confirmed with me that my Delta SkyMiles number affiliated with my HHonors account was accurate. It was truly a night and day difference from the level of service I received across the street, with one exception. The woman checking me in was phenomenal at her job, but she was continually interrupted by a guy that I believe was her supervisor while she was attempting to do her job. That guy should not be in a position where he’d dealing directly with customers.

In the end, the earth keeps spinning whether or not I get my loyalty points. To me, this is just a fun example of a brand failing to live up the the expectations they profess. For example Motel 6 clerk could blow smoke in my face while checking me in and I wouldn’t mind, because it would be fairly consistent with what I’d expect from their brand. Radisson Hotels claim to be playing at a much higher level.

A flight crew arrived while I was checking in, so I didn’t hold things up to explain to the Hilton front desk worker how much better she is at her job than the person doing the same job across the street, but I’ll send her this so she knows that her work is appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Scranton, PA Radisson vs Scranton, PA Hilton”

  1. Wow – what are you doing in that neck of the woods? If you ever have time to do some running/hiking, I can always send some suggestions your way.

  2. Make sure you eat at Coney Island (the one under the building, not the one across the street).

    Also, I love the Train Station. We used to have Sunday brunch there frequently. Amazing venue.

  3. @Bill, I had a Texas god at the Coney Island. Messy, but very good.

    @Nic, quick work visit. I didn’t get in a run there. Instead, I waited until I was back in Philadelphia so I could run the Rocky stairs on the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and hit the trails along the river.

  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Ed. My father used to take me in there at least a couple times a year. It was something we never bothered to mention to my mother. I plan to take my son there as soon as he’s old enough to appreciate it…

    Scranton sucks but there are plenty of little spots that make me long for the miserable days I lived there 😉

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