Faces of Snipe 2a: 651-317-9699 Continued

651-317-9699 Real Estate Spam in St. Paul

Looks like Colleen and Paula are still spamming the streets of St. Paul with their illegal real estate signs. This one was sent in by Matt Wells, who spotted it near Randolph and Albert. My guess is that people who live near The Nook don’t want real estate spammers posting signs for anonymous businesses in their ‘hood, giving it the appearance of a neighborhood having foreclosure issues.

4 thoughts on “Faces of Snipe 2a: 651-317-9699 Continued”

  1. Aren’t there some type of laws businesses who advertise this way have to adhere to?

    I’m pretty sure that is the case for political signs. I’ve volunteered on campaigns and I thought we had to get out within a certain # of days after the election and retrieve them.

  2. @Ren, yes there are. Steve breaks it down here. I’m interested in figuring out ways to get businesses to realize this. But I’d rather see anti-government people like Paula and Colleen do the right thing without having to get the government involved.

  3. I will make sure they are compliant with the law by removing the sign on my way home today.

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