Run Minneapolis: Como

SE Talmage Ave & SE 20th Ave

I ran the western blocks of the Como neighborhood last night, starting with Talmage.

Talmage Streetscaping

Talmage has a lot of blocked intersections that prevent people from whipping through the neighborhood. I bet this has less to do with east-west traffic on Talmage and more to do with people getting off 35W and making a break for the U of MN or downtown on side streets.

35W Facing South Toward Hennepin Ave Bridge

Here’s 35W facing south from just North of the Hennepin Ave Bridge.

Minnetonka Moccasin Co.

Minnetonka Moccasins quietly snuck up on my along Hennpin Ave.

Bunge Grain Elevator

I don’t think anyone has fallen off the old Bunge Grain Mill in a while. There is enough graffiti at the top to make me think that it’s just a matter of time until we see anohter story about that.

Van Cleve Park

Van Cleve Park is in great shape. The pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts were all full on the other side of the park.

357 Ulysses, Minneapolis, MN

357 Ulysses (at Winter St NE) had a prostitution bust back in 2007. The lot was empty when I ran past, so I’m not sure if the business is still in, or back, in business.

Paul E Hawkinson & Noiseland Industries

An old Paul E Hawkinson office appears to be now home to Noiseland Industries. You don’t see many deco style buildings around this town these days. From tire retreads to CD/DVD replications.

Clockwork Web Design

Back down at Hennepin, I passed Clockwork Active Media Systems. Lots of geeks in there.

Muddsuckers Coffee

Heading south, I passed Muddsuckers Coffee at Como Ave. They have Belgian Waffles and WiFi? I’ll have to check that out.

Crescent Moon Pizza - Como

Crescent Moon is across the street from Muddsuckers. I’ve been to the Central Ave NE location but not this one. Great gyro platter. I haven’t tried their pizza yet, but hear great things about it.

Old Tuttle School

The old Tuttle School at 18th & Talmage, has been closed since 2007 and is still for sale. It seems like a natural fit for student housing. Has anyone heard of plans for this?

Minneapolis Diagonal Trail Sign

The Minneapolis Diagonal Trail takes cyclists from the U of MN to shopping at the Quarry, connections to the Grand Rounds trails through NE Minneapolis, or by following New Brighton Blvd, to Barley John’s Brewpub at County Road. D. Click here for a larger view of the map.

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  1. Neat. You ran right past my old apartment on Como Ave! You know, one of those gigantic old 3 story homes that look awful and have fallen into total disrepair – and chopped up into 3 or 4 apartments (all of them with awkward floor plans). I had a HUGE bedroom, though – because it used to be the large main living room for the entire house. Anyway, I love this part of town. A few years ago everyone was talking about how the Bunge tower was going to be renovated into luxury condos, but I haven’t heard anything about it in a while, so I guess it didn’t happen.

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