In the Market for a New Murse


Above is my current murse. It’s totally awesome for travel, because I can carry a camera, passport, iPod, book, IMAX Power, gum, my space pen, extra camera batteries, an extra SD card, and a granola bar with room to spare, plus comfort and easy accessibility. That’s pretty much everything I need to make it through the day. Heck, it even holds the blue USA customs forms that don’t fit anywhere else (too wide for pockets but not a full sheet of paper). It’s called the ROOTS Essentials Small Travel Bag. I’ve taken it to at 10 countries with no signs of wear. It’s a true road warrior. Dimension-wise, it around 8.5″ tall but 6″ wide.

ROOTS Essentials Small Travel Bag

However, I think one thing could be improved: I may be wrong about this, but I think it would be even better if it had the same dimensions but was rotated 90 degrees. This would allow for easier access to the bag’s contents, and could make the bag more useful for storing things such as 1/2 folded 8.5×11″ papers, such as reservation confirmations, in a more scannable manner.

So, does anyone know if such a bag exists? If so, link me up, yo. I can’t find one from ROOTS, but would go with any brand that can meet the specs I’m looking for. Any ideas?

Shopping for a murse is harder than I expected.

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  1. Check out the lines from Manhattan Portage

    I had a Timbuk2 for a while, and while it’s great for taking my laptop to the coffee shop it’s too big to tote around a city, so I downsized when I found the “DJ Bag” – among the big selection of small and medium shoulder bags.

    I can easily fit maps, folded papers, iphone cord, headphones, power bars or some fruit, and my cell phone and wallet with room to spare. There’s a clasp, and I use the inside zipper pouch for my wallet and cell phone so it won’t side out, (if being bounced around under an airplane seat,) and completely inaccessible to pickpockets

    Check out their selection, and I like that they’re somewhat unique and I don’t see many folks using them. (I suppose because I don’t live in Manhattan.)


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