Turkish Airline’s 21 Meal Options

Turkish Airlines is the 7th largest airline in Europe and is on track to catch British Airlines. One thing that they do differently than your typical US carrier is offer free meal service on flights. Yes, that’s correct. They serve food rather than boxes of Lunchables-like McProcessed foodstuff for $7 like US carriers tend do.

On top of that, they offer a wide variety of meal options for those who are into that sort of thing. To me, this is mind blowingly accomodating.


Here is the list:

Vegetarian Hindu / Asiatic Meal
Baby Meal
Bland Meal
Child Meal
Diabetic Meal
Fruit Platter Meal
Gluten Intolerant Meal
Hindu Meal
Kosher Meal
Low Calorie Meal
Low Fat Meal
Low Salt Meal
Muslim Meal
Low Lactose Meal
Vegetarian Raw Meal
Sea Food Meal
Strict Vegetarian Meal
Jain Meal
Vegetarian Lacto Ovo Meal
Vegetarian Oriental Meal
Special Meal Celebration Cake

It sounds like they understand their customers.

2 thoughts on “Turkish Airline’s 21 Meal Options”

  1. Sarah, we had the default meal, which was surprisingly good for airline food. I don’t remember what it was of the top of my head, but Carly probably does. Now that we know there are options, we’ll have to plan accordingly for future Turkish Airlines flights.

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