Run Minneapolis: Tour de Seward

38th Ave S at 29th St E

I cruised through Northern Longfellow along with Seward during a Wednesday night run.

St Albert The Great Church

Heading West on 29th, I passed St. Albert the Great Church at 33rd where they’re getting ready for their annual rummage sale this weekend.

Apostolic Faith Church

Apostolic Faith Church, at 29th & 29th, forgot to renew it’s domain name, so I couldn’t find out any nuggets about this church.

Schooner Bar

Schooner Tavern, at 27th Ave S, is probably the most serious drinking bars in Longfellow (happy hours 8am-7pm M-F). As I understand it, it’s also where former Longfellow resident, Jesse Ventura, met Terry.

China Wok

I headed North on 27th Ave S past China Wok. I’ve never tried this place, and often wonder how it survives. Anyone been there? It doesn’t seem very popular with the Foursquare crowd, considering that it’s not a venue.

Vine Arts Center

Just North of the Greenway is the non-profit, artist-run Vine Arts Center. It’s currently “highlighting artwork made from found objects, recycled trash, and otherwise overlooked treasures.”

La Perla Tortilleria

Then I smelled tortillas from La Perla Tortilleria. Yum.

Hexagon Bar

Hexagon Bar, at 27th Ave S and 26th St E, has a serious drinking scene during the day, with a solid live music scene in the evenings. Their Heggies Pizza oven cooks things a bit unevenly, but they try to keep an eye on that when they have a chance.

MTS School

This appears to be one of the buildings in this area used by Minnesota Trasition Schools. I know little about this scene.

Skol Liquor

Skol Liquors is a bit of a neighborhood institution. I dig that their phone number spells Raw Beef.

Matthews Community Center Sign

Matthew’s Park and Community Center has what I believe is the only sleddable hill in the neighborhood. I dig the retro sign for the place that’s somehow survived.

Crown Video Movies and Tanning

Crown Video & Tanning at 27th & Franklin. There’s something about tanning at a place that rents videos that just doesn’t feel right to me. That said, Bruce J. likes it over on Yelp.

True Thai

True Thai, at Franklin and 27th, does Thai food right.

Zipp's Liquors

Zipp’s Liquor mixes the college kegger crowd with local chronic inebriates in the parking lot.

Arrest at Franklin

As I headed back on 26th, I noticed that someone was in a bit of trouble with the law at Franklin.

Faith Mennonite Church

I dropped down to 22nd St E and worked my way toward the river. Faith Mennonite Church at 28th Ave S. sounds like an inclusive place.

Vietnamese Alliance Church?

It looks like this either building at 2801 E 22nd St is or was the Vietnamese Alliance Church, which may or may not also be at 3100 Grand Ave S.

Brackett Park Tunnel

Crossing the railroad tracks was easy, using the graffiti infested tunnel to Brackett Park.

Duck Pool at Brackett Park

Where a couple ducks were relaxing next to the not-quite-ready-for-summer kiddie pool.

Bread of Life Lutheran Church

And back to the start next to the Bread of Life Lutheran Church for the Deaf. They provide a voice interpreter for those who don’t sign.

6 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Tour de Seward”

  1. Two comments on my hood:
    1) I have eaten at the China Wok. The wife, kid (toddler at that time) and I had a decent enough meal. We were the only customers at the time. I asked how they survive and was told that delivery and take out- although I did not see another meal go out the door when we were there. The interior looked like they were not expecting people in- sort of a family living room. I wondered if it was a front of some sort.

    2) You can sled on the hill between Seabury Ave. and River Road at Franklin Ave. Local kids tend to even build up an extra snow mound at the top so as to get a bit more elevation and a jump at the bottom so as to get air. For cross country skiers this tract of park (know in our household and among friends as ‘the Plaisance’ and among the kids of the Seward Child Care Center as the ‘Giving Tree Park’) is also notable. After snowfall a nice little loop gets established and lasts until the dog walkers tramp on it.

  2. @Andrew, great nuggets. China Wok’s website looks surprisingly professional. I’m even more curious about that place now.

  3. Zipp’s Liquor caters to more than the college kegger crowd & local chronic inebriates. They have a very solid craft ale selection and many varieties of meads. My wife loves Zipps, and says the staff have helped her find some great wines.

  4. Was feeling home sick (live in Alabama now) and there you go, taking me on a run through my childhood and my parents now neighboorhood. I have walked all of those streets so may times and it was especially fun remembering the tunnel from where we lived to the park that we would sneak to when we wern’t suppose to some of the times. Thank you! Can’t wait to visit in August.

  5. I’m living in Alabama, and it looks like this week I may be freezing. 🙂 Looking forward to taking my own run in my hood and seeing old and new, and of course the State Fair.

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