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iPhones Battery Backups, Blackberry, Android

I have found a cell phone battery backup device that rocks my world. The Imax Power IMP500 External Battery.

On the left, below, is my current cell phone (and HTC Hero from Sprint, which I would not recommend. Wait, if you can, for better options), and on the right, the Imax Power:

Imax Power

Here’s the deal: Batteries have a limited amount of power. Having a way to conveniently top off your phone’s battery may have some value.

In the case of my HTC Hero, the default battery has 1350 mAh of power (pronounced: milli-amps). This isn’t bad, but it could be better.

The iPhone 3GS has 1219 of power and the previous iPhone has 1150 mAh.

Now, more battery power doesn’t guarantee more talk or web browsing time. The efficiency of the phone plays a role as well, and iPhones seem to be a bit more efficient than comparable Android phones today. Regardless, neither phone has the capacity to last through an entire day at a conference where a person is browsing the web, checking emails, texting, and taking calls on a regular basis. You know: the kind of stuff the phones are sold as being designed to do.

So, in comes the Imax Power. This thing holds 5000 mAh of energy. So you can recharge a typical smartphone 2-3 times before this thing dies. That’s awesome. It’s enough to get through the day and then some.

The specs claim that you can get up to 38 hours of iPhone video playback time out of this thing. That seems slightly aggressive, but if you’re even considering that much power, you can understand how much of a game changer this is.

For me, this is a device I’ll be keeping in my suit, so I can continually top off my phone throughout the day so it’s not dead by the time I go to dinner. I’ll also use it when traveling overseas to top off my iPod Touch for days and days.

And, the real beauty of it is that it connects to any device. It has a USB plus on it, so whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry, Bluetooth headshet, etc., you can top it off. And you can even use a splitter to top off more than one device at a time. Awesome.

So, get yourself a brick of power so you’ll be able to weather those powerless situations you’ll encounter throughout the day or while traveling.

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