Run Minneapolis: 4th & 5th Aves NE & SE

6th St SE at 8th Ave SE

I did a little tour from the Marcy Holmes neighborhood up to 26th Ave NE and back on the 3rd of May.

Spiral 35W Pedestrian Entrance

I’m not a fan of spiral entrances, like this one, to pedestrian bridges. Sure, they make things more accessible, but they add a ton of distance. Perhaps consider offering stairs for able bodied folks?

First Congregational Church of Minnesota

First Congregational Church of Minnesota, United Church of Christ, whose history goes back further than statehood, pushes inclusiveness on their website: “an open, inclusive congregation welcoming and affirming people of all races, cultures, and sexual orientations. Our commitments embrace the use of inclusive language and imagery in worship. We are a Just Peace church, actively exploring and promoting peace and justice in accordance with Christian tradition.”

I then started heading up 5th Ave SE.

Marcy Open Elementary School

Marcy Open Elementary School at 5th St SE & 4th Ave plays the peace angle as well: “Teachers function as guides and facilitators of learning. Marcy strongly promotes learning through the arts by involving students in arts activities with local artists through the Marcy Arts Partnership; and emphasizes a commitment to peace education through its membership as an International Peace Site.”

View of Downtown from 5th St Bridge

After passing through what I call downtown Northeast, I snapped this shot of downtown Minneapolis from the 5th St Bridge.

The Old Webster Open Elementary School

Webster Open Elementary School is closed, but the building is home to Homebound: a program for supporting kids who can’t physically attend school.

St. Anthony East Neighborhood Sign

The St. Anthony East Neighborhood seems to like their downtown skyline view, based on their community sign design.

Shoefiti Meets Graffiti

Just north of the school, a pair of spray paint cans have been tied together and tossed over a powerline. A case of shoefiti meets graffiti.

School for Sale in Northeast

If you’re in the market for a school building, here’s one that appears to be in pretty good shape at 5th & 15th.

St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral

St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral at 5th & 17th Ave NE has a very Minnesotan travel policy for days of worship when the weather doesn’t cooperate: “Those who cannot get to services should instead stay home, give thanks to God, be happy that at least a priest and a chanter are singing the services and praying for them.”

St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church

I’m not sure what this building holds today, but the sign says it’s the St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church at 5th and 20th.

Sacred Heart Of Jesus Polish National Catholic Church

According to Wikipedia’s page on Northeast Minneapolis, Sacred Heart Of Jesus Polish National Catholic Church, at 5th St & 22nd Ave NE, is one of five Polish churches in Minneapolis. Four of which can be found in NE. The history of the church has many parallels to today’s immigrants:

Initially, the Polish National Catholic Church was comprised of Polish immigrants who came to the United States in search of a better life. These hardworking Poles settled in those places where they could find work. Through the years those immigrants settled in the coal mining areas, in urban areas where there was industry, in the agricultural areas of the Midwest, and even in the logging areas of the far Northwest. As the various areas of the country changed, these immigrants moved to where there was work.

At 26th Ave NE, I made the turn back onto 4th St.

NE Palace Bar & Grill

The NE Palace, at 4th & Lowry, had a jucy lucy on the menu for a while, but they lost their cook. I haven’t been back since. With 250+ Facebook fans, it seems like they’re doing well.

Grumpy's Nordeast

Grumpy’s Nordeast, at 4th & 22nd, has $1 bowls of hot dish starting at 5pm every Tuesday. That’s a real value play.

Condo Across from Grumpy's Nordeast

Amazingly, you can buy a condo kitty-corner from Grumpy’s for under $80,000.

Jimmy's Bar & Lounge

Tim A.’s review of Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge at Yelp seems to shine a light on the magic of this place:

What more can you ask for? Strong drinks and little wienies from the microwave…. good music in the box….! Would not change anything at all!
Nice bathroom for NE Minneapolis.

Pope John Paul II Catholic School

Pope John Paul II Catholic School appears to have some pull with the city, based on their ability to shut down 4th Street on school days.

Knight Cap

I used to live down the blcok from the Knight Cap on 15th Ave NE. At the time, it seemed like a place for people who didn’t want to deal with the crowds at Mayslacks. I don’t think much has changed.


If you haven’t had Mayslack’s Original roast beef sandwich, stop eating now and go for dinner tomorrow night. Nobody beats Mayslack’s meat!

Northeast Social Club & 13th Ave NE

The Northeast Social Club (get the burger) holds down the eastern end of the stretch of awesomeness that is 13th Ave NE.

Sheridan Global Arts & Communications Elementary School

Sheridan Global Arts & Communications Elementary School seems to emphasize visual arts, dance, and music. Sounds like cool stuff, and a good fit for the neighborhood.

St. Michael's and St. George's Ukrainian Church & School

I wasn’t able to find much information about St. Michael’s and St. George’s Ukrainian Church & School on 4th St at 5th Ave NE. Have any deets?

All Saints Church

All Saints Church is another church with little information online. Is this a case of churches pulling in people from within walking distance?

Ground Zero and The Front

I’ve never been to The Front (I hear it’s good), but I did watch someone get tickled and whipped at Ground Zero once. A CitySearch reviewer says that he’s disappointed that a goth bar can’t make a decent Bloody Mary.

Bulldog NE

Bulldog NE. Come for the tots, stay for the beer. AKA, Andrew Eklund’s office.

Whitey's Saloon

Whitey’s does a solid traditional breakfast and lunches. I haven’t been in there after sunset, but I hear it’s nice.

Crispin Cider

So that’s where Crispin Cider is based. Central and 4th.

Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute is where future cosmetology careers begin. I don’t know whether the bald guy walking across the street was a test dummy for students.

Church of Minneapolis

Church of Minneapolis, at University Ave SE & 4th Ave SE, has online prayer submissions. Sounds convenient.

If I learned one thing on this run, it’s that Northeast Minneapolis has even more churches and bars than I imagined, and that’s coming from someone who’s lived there.

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  1. Nice walk through the neighborhood — also enjoyed your photos.

    Sorry you don’t like those spiral pedestrian bridge entrances — I find them especially helpful for bikes and wheel-chairs.

    Well, I guess I also want considerate bikers — preferably slow! — in these constrained spaces.

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