California Yellow Pages Bill Freaks Out YP Industry

The Yellow Pages industry is freaking out because California is attempting to do something outrageous: Hold the yellow pages industry accountable for the talk they talk.

On Monday the 17th of May, the California Senate Appropriations Committee will give their take on SB 920. According to the head of the Yellow Pages Association, Neg Norton, this bill will hurt small businesses in California:

It’s clear that any effort to limit local businesses from reaching consumers not only hurts businesses, but negatively impacts the state economy. In times like these, we can’t afford to place an undue burden on local business owners trying to make ends meet.

That, of course, makes me wonder how this would hurt small businesses. Let’s take a look at the language of the bill:

This bill would require a telephone corporation or 3rd-party vendor, as defined, to allow any telephone service subscriber to opt out of receiving a telephone directory published by a telephone corporation or 3rd-party vendor. The bill would prohibit telephone corporations and 3rd-party vendors from delivering directories to subscribers who opt out of receiving a directory, require that a telephone corporation or 3rd party vendor to demonstrate compliance with a specified law relative to recycled-content newsprint, and require that a directory contain clear and conspicuous language regarding opting out of receiving future directories and recycling of the directory.

It sounds to me like that’s saying that people who don’t want printed phone directories will have the ability to opt-out of receiving them.

Correct me if I’m wrong in this assumption, but it doesn’t seem like the type of person who doesn’t want phone directories plans to use phone directories to look up local business information, so how, exactly, would this hurt small businesses in California?

Since the yellow pages industry has professed support for opt-out systems, legislation that holds the industry accountable for their own words seems pretty benign to me.

6 thoughts on “California Yellow Pages Bill Freaks Out YP Industry”

  1. Ohhhhhh how I hope this bill not only passes in CA but spreads across the whole country. This is the type of work that needs to be done, some common sense legislation in the state capitols. Keep us posted Deets!

  2. Here is a link to opt out of the Yellow Page delivery. Simply insert your information and you choice should be honored. The industry offers this yet, not boldly advertising it. Humm ,wonder why?

    The Yellow Pages has such emotion attached to it. NO other medium has the same disdain for their products by their customers, like telephone directories. The industry had such a choke hold on the revenue stream of small businesses that now, the small businesses are enjoying the change, almost a rebellion.

    When we have more lawyers “just say no” to this industry you will them begin to see a more rapid decline.
    The symptoms are already showing with the industry bankruptcies, the urgency that is placed on the Internet products they sell, class action law suits, total disregard for their customers, and don’t forget the40-50% turnover of the sales staff.

    ( My website is currently being reconstructed, sorry. You may find me on Face Book or Linkedin identified as Jordan Consulting)

  3. Oh no…. this might put me out of business! Please don’t pass this law! I am hoping to get my millions from SuperMedia’s bankruptcy before the industry disappears due to my lack of concern for the welfare of clients, sales consultants, and anyone outside of my ring of thieves. Please don’t do that!

    CEO of Big Yellow Pages Company.

  4. some people are just soooo unhappy with the decisions they’ve made.

  5. Ripping on ex-coworkers seems to be in poor taste to me, MikeStewartGotFired. If you’d like to get personal, show enough respect to post under your real name at least.

  6. Beware of Gail Jordan above… she claims to be a “consultant” but will not even become certified through Google. She “designs” ads for attorneys that never work. She constantly bashes yellow pages even though she worked as a yellow pages sales person for years until she was FIRED because she was doing unsavory things with customers so they would buy ads from her.

    She chases attorneys and any other industry that doesn’t have time to do their own marketing in New York, Ohio and god knows where else.

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