The Mystery of Flying Kicks: A Shoefiti Documentary

Last summer, I was interviewed for an Australian film about Shoefiti (shoes hanging from powerlines) called The Mystery of Flying Kicks. The film now exists and had a showing at South by Southwest back in March. I received a DVD of it from Adelaide this week. Sure enough, I’m in it:

Ed in Mystery of the Flying Kicks

Here’s the trailer:

The Mystery of Flying Kicks – Trailer from Closer Productions on Vimeo.

But there is more than one Minnesota connection in this movie exploring the mystery of shoefiti. John Hoff of Johnny Northside fame and one of his North Minneapolis partners in crime fighting, Peter Teachout, are profiled as well.

This turned out to be an awesome project. People from around the world called in with their own theories and personal experiences with shoefiti, and they contributed songs, illustrations, photos and videos that help tell the story of why shoes are thrown over powerlines. Great stuff.

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