Google out Yellow Paging the Yellow Pages

Here’s an example online yellow pages search for pizza in Fitzroy, Victoria, the city where the temporary pizza shop set up by an Australian YP company resided:

Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 9.43.55 PM

Notice that they returned 7 results.

Now, here is the same search on Google Maps Australia:

Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 9.44.13 PM

Google found 31 places.

Now, check out the line at the bottom of this image:

Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 9.49.18 PM

Yes, that’s correct. A good chunk of Google’s local results come from the yellow pages. This is why it’s still important for many local businesses to be listed in the Internet Yellow Pages.

But where will searchers actually find you? It seems more likely that they’ll use Google. Why? Because they are already using it for everything else, so they’re familiar with it. It’s right there in their browser, so they don’t have to make an extra click to a website before searching. But more importantly:

Google out yellow pages the yellow pages for local search. They make better use of the data than the yellow pages does, by providing more complete search results.

1. They show you more options around where you’re looking.

2. They include additional layers of information, such as ratings.

3. And reviews.

4. And photos.

5. And navigable StreetView imagery. (and satellite views, map views, hybrid views, terrain views, birds eye views, yadda yadda)

6. And cost ranges.

7. And links to menus.

8. And links to external sites for reviews.

9. And transit options.

10. And the ability to contribute information you know about venues.

Yes, indeed. Google is out Yellow Paging the Yellow Pages.

2 thoughts on “Google out Yellow Paging the Yellow Pages”

  1. More significantly, when you see prominent placement in a Yellow Page map, it only means that that business paid more. When I look for pizza, I kind of like to go to the places that don’t have to advertise because they have a reputation for good pizza.

    My restaurant client no longer advertises yet fills up every table every night. You can’t find her restaurant using the Yellow Pages because she’s downgraded to a bold-faced listing.

    Each year the YP books are still in business is another year in which I realize that making sense isn’t what the business community is about anymore.

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