An Unsolicited TP Phone Call

This past Saturday night, I was hanging out with Paul Merrill, talking about politics, sex, and religion, when Paul asked me if I ever receive any strange or harrassing phone calls from people who’ve read The Deets. He noticed that I publish my cell phone number on this site along with the qualifier “Use it. Don’t abuse it.”

I told Paul that 90%+ of the calls I receive are very positive. They’re generally people who want to connect for one reason or another. Reporters and other bloggers for sure. And people I’m trying to meet up with who’ve lost my number but use the site to find it.

While talking about this, I received a call from from PRIVATE NUMBER. I showed Paul that, we laughed, then I tried to answer it. Unfortunately, I was too late, so it went to voicemail. Well, here is that voicemail in its entirety:

The next time someone asks me about whether I receive harassing phone calls by publishing my cell phone number to the web, I can mention this fake eurotrash, teasingly helpful, anonymous cyberbabe’s call.

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