Luke Hellier’s Failure to Get a Joke from TheUptake

One of the popular “The Uptake is Biased” talking points recently has revolved around this tweet from Uptake intern, Erin Maye:

Erin Maye Editing Joke

Luke Hellier has referred to that tweet at least three times in blog posts as an example of political bias by Maye.

Of course, anyone who’s ever done any video editing has surely made that same joke. Yes, a person editing video has the power to make people say things that they really didn’t say. Notice the Dr. Evil-like “muhahahha” comment included in Maye’s tweet? In case Hellier isn’t familiar with that, here it is:

Does that look like the words of someone who’s about to twist someone’s words to you? Perhaps Hellier’s sense of humor was a bit off on that one, and the time he linked back to it, and the time after that?

Update: Luke Hellier has also chosen to ignore the following Tweet from Feb 8th by Erin Maye, where she clarified that what she was saying was not to be taken seriously:

Erin Maye Clarifying

It’s good to see that she made an effort to clarify herself for the humor impaired, such as Luke Hellier. And it’s a shame that Hellier has chosen to ignore this over the past 6 weeks. I suppose this doesn’t support his false outrage.

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