Hilton LAX TP

Aaron recently spent a night at the Hilton LAX on his way back from Honolulu and noticed some TP that doesn’t appear to be up to Conrad Hilton’s standards:

Hilton LAX TP

Forget the fold for a second. Did they really put an unwrapped roll of TP on a spool? At a Hilton?

Back to the fold, it seems like a nice soft fold. Aaron shows us the fold’s underbelly, presumably to help us understand the TP’s gender:

Hilton LAX TP

A while back, I received an email from a concerned reader, Jeremy, about whether there is a correlation between TP folding and broken windows theory applied to hotel rooms. Broken Windows Theory suggests that human behavior can be influenced by nipping small problems in the bud. By fixing broken windows, we show that we care about our neighborhood, which causes others to treat property better than they might in a less well-kept neighborhood.

Jeremy posits, based on this report from Ed Yong at Not Rocket Science, that TP folding may actually be a survival response from hotels who are making an effort to keep their rooms from being destroyed by guests.

For example, had the TP not been folded at the Hilton LAX, there would have have been a slightly higher chance that Aaron would have gone generated rockstar level destruction of his room. If that’s the case, the Hilton and other hotels are essentially using TP folding as an insurance policy. If this were true, would insurance companies be willing to compensate hotels for claims related to rooms where the TP wasn’t folded?

Someone’s going to earn a PhD studying this stuff.

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