MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #34-35: When Underdogs Attack

It turns out that political contestants are occasionally critical of their competitors. The MN GOP has chosen to highlight two such cases where a fellow DFLer said something not so nice about Rybak. (Apparently, the MN GOP has gotten over their “Rybak’s a Green Radical” beef long enough to use DFL vs DFL citations.)

DFLer Peter McLaughlin On Rybak: “A Lot Of Blather And No Real Follow-Through.” “An enhanced living-wage policy for city contractors appeared headed for easy approval by the City Council after committee action Monday – only days before a citywide election. … Mayor R.T. Rybak’s position was less than clear. ‘I support a living wage ordinance in Minneapolis, but before any ordinance gets my signature, I need to see a clear commitment from other jurisdictions, especially Hennepin County, that they will adopt as strong of a living wage ordinance as Minneapolis,’ he said in a written statement. … Rybak’s reelection opponent, Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin, attended a labor rally in favor of the ordinance before the vote. … He laughed at the mayor’s response, noting that Rybak didn’t support the coalition’s work throughout the summer. McLaughlin called it ‘classic Rybak. A lot of blather and no real follow-through.’” (Rochelle Olson, “Livable-wage policy gains ground,” Star Tribune, November 1, 2005)

The MN GOP is now quoting from the underdog 2005 mayoral challenger within days of the election. While Peter McLaughlin is a great guy, his opinion of Rybak within the final days of a hotly contested mayoral election may be a bit heated. If McLaughlin’s word is considered valuable to the MN GOP, perhaps the MN GOP would be willing to include a quote from Peter McLaughlin regarding his preference of Rybak vs. Seifert or Emmer, should Rybak become the contestant of choice on the left?

DFL Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Thissen Mocked Rybak Over His Claims About Managing Minneapolis’ Budget. “‘I mean…the budget of Minneapolis is only $1.4 billion. My health committee alone has a two-year budget of $11 billion,’ he says. ‘And that budget is infinitely more complex. I don’t know why Rybak thinks his management of Minneapolis’s budget is such an accomplishment.’” (Bradley Campbell, “Paul Thissen is statehouse’s smartest, but is he ready to be governor?” City Pages, October 14, 2009)

Again, the MN GOP relies upon the opinions of an underdog candidate to discredit Rybak. You may notice that Rybak isn’t in the habit of taking similar shots at Thissen. Why? Because Rybak isn’t the underdog.

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