MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #33: Something Happened in the Early to Mid 1980’s

Back when Wham! was topping the charts, something happened that no one cares about in 2010:


As Reporter Covering Downtown Council, Rybak Proposed To Downtown Council They Create Position Which He Would Fill. “He began his career at the Minneapolis Tribune in 1979 and left the paper, then renamed the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, in controversy seven years later. While covering development issues in the mid-1980s, Rybak proposed to the Downtown Council that the business group create the job of development director and then suggested that he fill the position. He was transferred to a feature-writing job at the paper and left five months later. When Rybak joined the Downtown Council in 1986, Tim J. McGuire, who was then managing editor of the Star and Tribune, was quoted in the paper as saying, ‘We had a problem when an employee was covering that beat and at the same time talking to that organization about a job.’ McGuire, now editor of the paper, declined to talk about the incident for this report.” (Rochelle Olson & Mike Kaszuba, “An eclectic past, and views to match,” Star Tribune, November 1, 2001)

Holy mid-80’s story with a quote from ’86 and someone not bothering to talk about it in 2001.

I guess the MN GOP may have overlooked that Rybak was elected mayor for the first time when this story was nine years fresher. It didn’t seem to matter then. Or when he was reelected. Or when he was reelected for a second time. But it’s something anti-Rybak to talk about when the MN GOP is throwing everything it can find against the wall.

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