MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #26-29: Campaign Finance Issue

The Campaign Finance Board decided that Rybak screwed up and ordered him to reimburse his mayoral campaign with some funds he was using for his gubernatorial campaign. So he did.


Rybak Ordered To Reimburse Mayoral Campaign $26,500 After Using Funds To Advance Gubernatorial Ambitions. “Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak was ordered Friday to reimburse his mayoral campaign for $26,500 in expenses for what campaign finance regulators said were activities to further his 2010 bid for governor.” (“Rybak Punished Over Campaign Funds,” FOX 9 Website, November 6, 2009)

Acknowledged. Resolved.

Campaign Finance Board: Rybak Commissioned Poll Questions Have “Little Relevance To Running For Office In Minneapolis, But Would Be Of Great Interest To A Candidate Designing A Strategy For Governor.” “The Minnesota campaign finance board said a survey Rybak commissioned this spring appeared aimed more at a gubernatorial bid than his re-election campaign. The ruling said portions of the survey ‘have little relevance to running for office in Minneapolis, but would be of great interest to a candidate designing a strategy for governor.’ The ruling was in response to a Republican Party complaint, which accused Rybak of running for both offices at the same time and misusing mayoral campaign funds.” (“Rybak Punished Over Campaign Funds,” FOX 9 Website, November 6, 2009)

Again, the MN GOP does a two-fer to pad their talking points stats. They didn’t even bother quoting from two different sources on this story.

Rybak’s Poll Questioned Respondents About Fellow Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates Chris Coleman, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Matt Entenza & Mark Dayton. “The Minnesota campaign finance board ruled that Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak spent money on a gubernatorial campaign months before he filed the requisite paperwork do to so, according to a board decision made public today. A May poll paid for by his mayoral campaign ‘provided support to a gubernatorial campaign by Mayor Rybak,’ the board said in deciding on a complaint from the Minnesota Republican Party. … Here’s some of what Rybak wanted to know — The surveyor told folks: ‘I’d like to rate your feeling toward some people and organizations.’ The people and organizations they were asked about? R.T. Rybak; Al Franken; Tim Pawlenty; Amy Klobuchar; The Democratic Farmer Labor Party; Chris Coleman; Margaret Anderson Kelliher; Matt Entenza and Mark Dayton. The pollster also asked about a series of statements about Rybak and asked how ‘favorable this statement makes you feel toward R.T. Rybak.’” (Rachel E. Stassen-Berger, “What Mayor Rybak wanted to know,” Star Tribune’s Hot Dish Politics, November 7, 2009)

Make that a 3-fer.

Lori Strudevant: “Campaign Board Right To Rap Rybak.” “The campaign filing requirement that Rybak ran afoul is fundamentally about openness and transparency in government. Democracy does not work well without them. Rybak’s interest in running for governor may have been an open secret for months. But he should have played it straight, and filed as a candidate for governor before this week.” (Lori Sturdevant, “Campaign board right to rap Rybak,” Star Tribune, November 6, 2009)

Make that a 4-fer. Acknowledged. Resolved. And beaten like a dead horse by the MN GOP.

Perhaps campaign insiders get worked up about this sort of thing. I don’t see this as being a major issue with voters in general, who could really care less about a campaign finance snafu that will have happened a year before the election.

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