MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #24: Ultra-Liberal

It was hard to get excited about Al Gore as a candidate in 2000, since he worked so hard to distance himself from Clinton while at the same time doing little to explain the differences between himself and George W. Bush:

Ultra Liberal Rybak Initially Supported Ralph Nader In 2000. “R.T. Rybak, a longtime Minneapolis DFL activist, recently and very publicly condemned Gore and said he would support Nader’s candidacy. Rybak, an organizer of former Sen. Bill Bradley’s failed presidential bid, said the widely shared assumption that Nader will merely hurt Gore ‘is a very simplistic idea that sounds good on the Washington-based talk shows. But it doesn’t reflect the reality of the disaffected electorate.’ While Rybak said he believes Nader can peel voters away from both Bush and Gore, ‘the real issue is who can pull the disaffecteds out of their chair. It’s exactly like Ventura’s race, being able to pull out people who were conservative, liberal, whatever.’” (Bob Von Sternberg, “Nader shows crossover appeal,” Star Tribune, June 29, 2000)

Hey, me too! I guess that makes me an ultra-liberal by MN GOP standards. I don’t think any actual ultra-liberals would consider me to be an ultra-liberal, just as the average ultra-liberal in Minneapolis likely doesn’t consider Rybak liberal enough for them, so perhaps the MN GOP’s conclusions based upon 2000 presidential candidate support is a bit off base?

Of course, a closer reading of this shows that Rybak didn’t initially support Nader, but was an organizer for Sen. Bill Bradley. Perhaps the MN GOP does read their own quotes?

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