MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #23: Dealing with Murderapolis


Even Liberal Columnist Conceded Rybak Backed Plan To Confiscate Majority Of Handguns “Radical.” “Start with the headline: Bouza says he’d confiscate majority of handguns. In a year in which DFL politicians running for governor and the U.S. Senate have been almost free of interesting ideas, the notion of taking a radical step to disarm Minnesota was a breath-taker. … Said Bouza’s campaign co-chairman, R.T. Rybak: ‘Tony believes deeply that we must do something to stop the flow of guns in society. . . . We’re betting on the fact that people are ready for someone to look them in the eyes and tell them the truth.’” (Doug Grow, “Bouza’s confiscation plan more fuel for gun-control fire,” Star Tribune, September 9, 1994)

Wow, the MN GOP is going back 16 years to look for some dirt. Perhaps the MN GOP forgets that 1995 was when Minneapolis was referred to at Murderapolis? A time when people in the city were willing to to consider radical ideas to turn around the city’s violence problem? This was within the same 12 months of the passage of the Brady Bill, so how outside of mainstream was it, really?

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