MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #12: Utility Fees

Rybak proposed increasing utility fees, but for what? The MN GOP seems to care more about the “how much” than the “what for”.

* “Individual tax bills will depend on whether a home’s value increases more or less than others, but in general, the burden will shift slightly from residential to commercial property. On a house valued at $216,000, the city portion of the tax bill would increase by $20, or 1.7 percent. But utility fees on the same home would rise by $45 a year because Rybak is recommending hefty increases.” (Steve Brandt, “Mayor’s 2009 budget plan includes big chunk to beef up public works,” Star Tribune, August 15, 2008)

Again, here’s why the MN GOP doesn’t link to the original stories. They like to beat up on Rybak for the number of potholes in the city, but look at what he was prioritizing in the 2009 budget:

Most of the money would go to accelerating work on major streets and parkways, which would get a 28 percent increase in spending in that time.

Rybak said that’s enough to resurface 43 more miles of those roads than planned in the city’s current five-year plan; an extra 26 miles will get patching and seal coating. In all, Rybak said, more than one-third of city-managed arterial streets would get some work.

The MN GOP has had a habit of criticizing Rybak over the condition of Minneapolis streets, while at the same time they’re criticizing him over attempts to do something about them. I wonder if they see the hypocrisy in their criticisms?

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